Samsung U800 Soulb Pink Just 85.95 on Orange Pay As You Go (when you buy £10 airtime Top Up)

Samsung U800 Soulb Pink Just 85.95 on Orange Pay As You Go (when you buy £10 airtime Top Up)

Found 14th Sep 2008
Use the 10% discount code YA10WN.
Dont forget quidco £5 cashback. You will get it at 85.95 (when you buy £10 airtime Top Up). This is a ridiculous price for a nice pink version.

Samsung U800 Pink Orange Pay As You Go

Brushed in stainless steel and at a mere 9.9mm, the U800 oozes rich style and class just like its U900 cousin. It comes crammed with a host of features that won't let you down. Theres a 3MP camera with 4x digital zoom and LED flash thatll capture those special moments in vibrant, living colour. With 1GB onboard memory, and microSD card slot, you'll never be short on space, and thanks to the U800's lightning fast HSDPA speeds, you can upload your memories in an instance! With a quality 2" display, music player, and a host of customisable menus, the U800 forms a truly amazing compact package!

3.2 Mega Pixel Camera
This mobile phone comes with a built in 3.2 mega pixel camera which enables you to take pictures while on the move. It's great you only need to carry one device around with you.

Music Player
Why carry a mobile phone and a digital music player around when you can carry both inside your mobile phone? We're no longer talking about a couple of songs either! These days many mobile phones, (like this one) have large in-built memory and most allow for high capacity memory cards to be inserted, which means your journeys to work can be filled with song!

This mobile phone has Bluetooth technology for voice and data. This means you can connect wirelessly with other Bluetooth enabled devices such as headsets, laptops and PDAs.

RRP conditional with £10 Airtime
This amazing deal is conditional with £10 Airtime on all Pay As You Go mobile phones.


dial a phone is a joke company! cancelled my order!


Original Poster

They also canceled my order(6300) due to the handset being out of stock which is so annoying.
However, this handset will not be as hot as Nokia 6300.

Again this is £94.95 so thats what it should be listed as.


Again this is £94.95 so thats what it should be listed as.

Yeah, Dial-A-Phone don't make this totally clear. I've ammended the OP to the effect that you have to BUY the top-up rather than the top-up being included.

It's cheaper than the silver version (without vouchers), and the silver version was around £40 cheaper than at any other shops (the next lowest price was £139.99 for that) so for those who want the pink version, this is a BARGAIN.

Voted hot! Thanks for posting it up, NetWalker.
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