Samsung UE40C6510 40" LED Full HD 1080p TV £599.24 @ Best Buy
Samsung UE40C6510 40" LED Full HD 1080p TV £599.24 @ Best Buy

Samsung UE40C6510 40" LED Full HD 1080p TV £599.24 @ Best Buy

Buy forBuy forBuy for£599.24
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Best deal so far!!! Ends today!
Enter 25% off code TVB25
And the price would drop down to £599.24
plus cashback too!!
I was using topcashback and it's pending a £90.12 cashback to me


Where did you get that code from and are there any more??

This code only works with this particular TV - treatstreet.boots.com/inf…c=1. Do a search on this code and you will find it.

Fantastic price!!!

I know i shouldnt.....but......oh i cant!! Dam you!

Beware this company has awful customer service. I have waited 3 times for a courier to turn up. They have not turned up so I have wasted 3 days.

Still waiting dozens of phone calls hours on end waiting for call backs, failed to call back, lied to me and have been quite dispicable in their service


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Bestbuy is a big American company and they just opened some big stores in UK...I haven't used their online service before but I think they're fine. At least I trust them more than some unknown bargain electrics wholesalers.

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its a good offer with the voucher as i think amazon sell the black version for £699 so their RRP is a bit much. still its working out almost as cheap as the 32". tempted.

i got the 32" version and its a great tv ,hot at this price

been a massive best buys store near me for ages.
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shame the 32" doesn't have 25% off too, the 40" is just a bit too big for the space in the room for it.
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ordered two bose sounddocks and a camera last week- delivered monday am as advised- kept updated wrt despatch, invoice etc- cant say any other company has done better lately- will order this now.

Awful customer service!!! Wasted two weeks with this company for nothing!

This is still a great deal though!

Im so tempted to buy this but im worried about the warranty as i cant find any real reviews on the tv

Although i think this extended warranty is enough to talk me into purchasing this tv


Ordered one yesterday and the price and voucher code still working today even though it says one day offer only.

Thought this would have gone hotter?

I gave in to temptation now where to put it??

Oh and Quidco is pending at £89

Cool... £90.12 now pending in TCB. Excellent X)

Strange... Got a message saying "The product with Id 1000125987 is not currently available." when click on the link. So is it gone now?

How much better is LED over LCD


How much better is LED over LCD

Led is still lcd. There are different led tvs, edge lit, direct lit ,direct led with local dimming.... the best for picture is ment to be direct lit with local dimming.


This deal is smokin! Have some heat!

Also and for the record, my experience of BestBuy so far has been brilliant!


Where did you get that code from and are there any more??thanks

MORE ! You want MORE ! (Oliver)

Ok then.

More Best Buy Discount Codes

Some good codes there too

If my calculations are correct you can get a LE46C530 46" Samsung 1080P for £450-£470 after 15% off and a further 14.89% Cashback. Woo Hoo
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I'm getting this as well: "The product with Id 1000125987 is not currently available".
Guess it's sold out

code doesnt work anymore,
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