SAMSUNG UE40ES6300 @ RicherSound for £659.95 with 2 3D glasses

SAMSUNG UE40ES6300 @ RicherSound for £659.95 with 2 3D glasses

Found 5th Jul 2012
Get £25 off the Samsung HWE450 Soundbar when bought with this or any other TV from any brand!

3D and SMART TV come together to form a knock-out set with the Samsung UE40ES6300.


With standard 3D, the UE40ES6300 offers superb levels of depth and projection into the room. The Samsung also offers the novelty of watching standard 2D video converted to 3D. Whether you're watching in 3D or 2D, the picture quality is very impressive. The UE40ES6300 offers Samsung's Wide Colour Enhancer Plus engine and Digital Noise Filter. This unique Samsung system offers far more natural and convincing colours by strengthening the red, green and blues. Samsung's Digital Noise Filter is especially effective with TV broadcasts - the UE40ES6300 is one TV that doesn't just excel with 1080p HD material only to be let down when watching "ordinary" TV - this TV impresses whatever the source. Another technology used to good effect is CMR (Clear Motion Rate) 200 Hz. CMR200 Hz reduces motion blur for smoother action - especially with fast-moving sports events.


With a TV of this quality we'd always recommend a soundbar or separate AV system to get the best from it. If this isn't possible, though, you'll find the onboard sound surprisingly good for such a thin TV with little apparent space for the speakers. SRS TheatreSound HD gives a well-balanced sound that's surprisingly weighty for a TV but also clear, too. With a 2 x 10 Watt amplifier on board there's also enough power for larger rooms.


In addition to its enhanced picture quality, the Samsung UE40ES6300 also benefits from Samsung's Smart TV. This brings all the control and search options together in one central hub. New to the Hub are three individual group services - Kids, Fitness and Family Story. Providing child's entertainment, exercise apps and the easy storage and access of your photos and videos, the Smart Hub is now more connected than ever. Also standard on this Smart TV are Samsung Apps which gives you access to popular sites such as YouTube and Facebook. There's also a full web browser, making this TV perfect for a bit of sofa-surfing. Allshare, powered by DLNA, lets you connect the TV up to your home network via Ethernet or the standard built-in wi-fi. From here you can stream content from your PC or laptop, onto the big screen. Connect Share Movie teams up with the USB sockets to offer film, music or photos to be easily transferred from your digital media device to the TV's screen, via USB socket. One of the USB sockets also offers two-way recording. Simply connect a USB-equipped hard drive and use the Electronic Program Guide to make this a very handy PVR. In addition to the three USB sockets there are also three HDMIs - perfect for connecting up a wide range of digital sources.


As you'd expect from Samsung, the UE40ES6300 is quite a looker. With its narrow bezel and discreet design, it hides its bulk well. The slim bezel also enhances the picture by making it appear larger and even more engaging. Samsung's smart four-leg stand is the finishing touch for what has to be one of the smartest TVs in its class.

For a 3D TV with one of the smartest network connections in its class, the Samsung UE40ES6300 is hard to fault.

PicturePicture Features-
Screen SizeMeasured diagonally in inches40
HD ReadyIs it ready to receive High Definition signals?
1080p Full HD ReadyIs it ready to receive 1080p, Full High Definition signals?
Pixel ResolutionPixel resolution - Horizontal x vertical1920 x 1080
Contrast RatioContrast ratio - from manufacturers informationNA
BrightnessBrightness of screen (cd/m squared with Plasma and LCD, ANSI for projectors)NA
Response TimeTime taken for screen to respond in milliseconds.NA
Motion ProcessingManufacturers now use their own measurements so can not necessarily be compared between brands. Examples include LG - Motion Clarity Index (MCI), Samsung - Clear Motion rate (CMR), Philips - Perfect Motion Rate (PMR), Sony - Motionflow XR and Panasonic - BLS (Back Light Scanning). All these figures are twice or more than the traditional 100Hz/200Hz refresh rate figures. No abbreviation indicates traditional measurement. Plasmas generally use a 600Hz sub-field refresh rate.200Hz CMR
LED BacklightDoes it have LED backlighting? This technology promotes enhanced contrast ratios and thinner sets.
3D TVDoes it offer 3D viewing? Remember that glasses are not always included.
2D/3D ConversionDoes it feature 2D to 3D upconversion? This lets you watch 2D material in 3D.
Number of 3D Glasses IncludedThe number of 3D glasses included with the sale of this unit. The glasses may be in the box, via separate redemption or offered at point of sale.2
Analogue TunerDoes it receive conventional, analogue TV stations?
FreeviewDoes it receive Freeview TV stations?
Freeview HDDoes it receive Freeview HD TV stations?
freesat HDDoes it receive freesat HD TV stations?
Active/Passive Glasses 3DTVDoes the 3D TV use active or passive technology glasses? Active provides a superior resolution but passive glasses are cheaper and lighter.Active
Local DimmingLocal Dimming is available on higher spec LED screens and improves contrast by being able to dim sections or 'zones' of the screen, individually. Also known as Micro Dimming.
SoundSound Features-
Analogue Audio OutputDoes it have a dedicated analogue audio output? This lets you connect the TV's sound to a hi-fi system.
Digital Audio OutputDoes it have a dedicated digital audio output? This lets you connect the TV's sound to an AV or digital hi-fi system.Yes - Optical
SpeakersAre stereo speakers standard?
ConnectionsConnection Features-
HDMINumber of HDMI sockets.3
USBNumber of USB sockets3
USB Video PlaybackDoes it have USB video playback? As standard, USB sockets accept photo and music files. Enhanced spec sockets also accept video files.
USB RecordingDoes it have USB recording? As standard, USB sockets playback files. Some will also record, for example, TV programs from a TV to hard drive.
Scart SocketsNumber of Scart sockets included1
ComponentIs a component input fitted? Highest quality analogue input which can facilitate Progressive Scan where fitted.
PC InputCan a computer be plugged in?
DVIDoes it have a DVI input? Digital interface that carries picture only
Headphone SocketDoes it have a headphone socket? This allows you to connect headphones for private listening.
ARC - Audio Return ChannelAudio return channel feeds the sound back from a TV to an AV receiver, allowing the use of a single HDMI cable to connect TV and receiver/amp.
NetworkingNetworking Features-
DLNA CompliantDLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance. It is an alliance of interested bodies that help standardise streaming content. If a product is DLNA complaint you can be assured it will stream music, photos or video from your PC, laptop to TV or other device.
Wireless ConnectionWhether a wireless or, Wi-Fi, connection is included as standard or optional (via dongle). This allows for wireless connection to your home network hub.
Web ApplicationsAccess to web applications or apps such as YouTube.
BBC iPlayerWhether or not the unit has access to one of the most popular web apps - BBC iPlayer.
Full Web BrowserWhether or not the unit gives the option of a full web browser. Note that in some instances not all web content can be shown - such as Flash.
Dual Core ProcessorJust as with a PC, Dual Core processing speeds up multimedia, control response and Smart TV services.
Green CredentialsEco Friendly Features-
Eco FriendlyDoes this product conform to energy efficient standards? These standards include the American "Energy Star", the European "Energy Flower" or "EcoLabel" and the UK EST (Energy Saving Trust) certification.
Power Consumption - StandbyThis is the power used in watts when the unit is switched off but still powered at the mains and ready to be turned back on.0.3
Power Consumption - Normal UseThis is the power used in watts when the TV is on, using standard picture settings and modest volume levels. Note, different manufacturers use different methods to arrive at this figure. In some cases only the maximum power consumption is quoted.63
Energy Efficiency RatingThis EU Energy Label lets you compare energy efficiency between products. A+ the best, most efficient rating with G being the most power hungry and least efficientA
GeneralGeneral Features-
Remote ControlIs an Infra-red remote included?
StandIs a desktop stand standard?
Wall Mount RequiredType of wall mount required. VESA fittings are usually 100 x 100mm, 200 x 100mm or 200 x 200mm. "Plasma type" is common with the larger LCD TV's and require a sliding bar type fitting.Plasma Type
Dimensions excluding standDimensions of set excluding any stand, bracket or detachable speakers (W x H x D) in mm927 x 553 x 47
Dimensions including standDimensions of set including stand (W x H x D) in mm927 x 619 x 241
WeightApprox weight without/with stand in KG.10.4/11.6
Integrated DVD PlayerDoes this TV have an integrated DVD Player?
Touch ScreenDoes the TV feature a touch screen for stylus or finger tip?
Voice Activated TVCan the TV be activated by voice?
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