Samsung UE46C5800 46" LED Full HD 1080p TV £689.84 (use TVH55) poss £634 with Quidco @ Best Buy

Samsung UE46C5800 46" LED Full HD 1080p TV £689.84 (use TVH55) poss £634 with Quidco @ Best Buy

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Found 8th Mar 2011
BestBuy £634 Amazon £809.99 £890 Comet £799.99 Looks cheap but I will wait and see if I am

TVH55 at checkout.......

This is the cheapest this has been listed at here, it is a great tv even though only 50hz and I possibly want internet tv capability also but thought with quidco cashback this is potentially £634 which is CHEAP......

Samsung UE46C5800 46" LED Full HD 1080p TV

The Samsung UE46C5800 46-inch HD television is an elegantly stylish LED Full HD TV offering an outstandingly rich full HD TV experience. With phenomenal picture quality. Superior, sharper, clearer, more detailed images are delivered with incredible intensity on its clear panel screen, enabling you to enjoy quality and versatility that indulge all of your senses.

The UE46C5800 takes the struggle out of sharing your media with your friends and family, letting you transfer your videos, music and photos from your PC or mobile device wirelessly and effortlessly. It will even connect with multiple PCs, offering a complete home media-sharing solution.

Sharing all your best pictures and home videos is easy now that you don't have to copy them from your camera or camcorder -just plug in via USB and then instantly play back.

Action scenes appear smooth, crisp, and clear on Samsung HD TVs thanks not only to fast Hz rates speeds, but also the panel, chipset, and backlight technology. The UE46C5800 offers three times better motion performance than standard televisions, comparable with a 150 frames per second motion effect on other HD televisions.

The Samsung UE46C5800's wide colour enhancer pro feature, analyses each pixel, then stretches each one to its three dimensional limit to create the fullest, most lifelike colours you've ever seen on a television screen.

Four HDMI slots allow you to import all kinds of content without compression including pictures and videos from your digital camcorders and multimedia PCs. You can also plug in Blu-ray players, games consoles and high definition cameras, to enjoy all your media in pin sharp HD.

Full HD 1080p has twice the detail and twice the resolution of regular HDTV, allowing the Samsung UE46C5800 to deliver dazzlingly rich colour and vivid details. It will even correct the errors in standard definition content, and upscale to a sharper near HD picture.

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Excellent TV, I bought one of these 4 months ago when Samsung had £50 cash back. The picture is brilliant and the TV plays all the movie formats (including hi-def MKV) from either HDD on USB or through network connection. The TV also has Freeview HD.
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