Samsung UE48JU6000 Black 48" Smart 4K TV  £449.99  co-op on ebay

Samsung UE48JU6000 Black 48" Smart 4K TV £449.99 co-op on ebay

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Found 11th Mar 2016
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I really want to buy a 48" Samsung, and whenever any of these get posted I have to work out the JU6000 from the JU6400 from the H6200 from the JU7000. I end up like


Regardless looks cheaper than other places, so heat added!

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I'd steer well clear of LED. Had a Samsung JU6800 which cost me £1000 and the backlight bleed was shocking. Samsung Support were useless. Luckily managed to get the store to give me a refund and got an OLED LG and the best thing I've ever done. Zero bleed or banding and the blackest blacks I have get seen on any TV. Cost me £300 more but worth every single penny. LED TV's suck imo.
There aren't any such things as LED they are just LCD which is backlit OLED are an entirely different class of emissive imaging technology which doesn't use a back light. I've got a Samsung and I can't say I have noticed any bleedthrough but I know it exists because the nature of manufacture means you stand a chance of getting a less than perfect screen. I'm not really a videophile and OLED carries a premium but you pays your money and makes your choice. For many people this will be an ideal set although personally I'm not bothered about 4k yet
Which is the best Samsung 48k
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