SAMSUNG UE50H6400 - 3D Smart TV £445 with code STAR5UK + £24.90 del (£470.45) - Pixmania

SAMSUNG UE50H6400 - 3D Smart TV £445 with code STAR5UK + £24.90 del (£470.45) - Pixmania

Found 21st May 2015
Cheapest price around for this TV.

If you use code: STAR5UK you will get extra 5% off so paying £470.45.

This come's with 24months Warranty
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Pixmania, uh oh!!!! - not voted either way but buyer beware!

Because this is an imported product, it may present some minor differences to products designed for your country. Below is a list of these differences:
alternative text

- your country’s language may not be available in the menus;
- your country may not be available in the settings;
- if you receive channels through an aerial, they will be in standard resolution as opposed to 1080p (DVB-T tuner and not DVB-T2);
- you may need to manually set the order of channels. If you receive channels through a set-top box, this won’t be necessary;
- full smart services may not be available;
- the product manual may not be available in your country’s language;
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I've had nothing but good service from them.

If you use a Mastercard credit card you have full section 75 rights.

Does it really need to get voted cold because of it being Pixmania??
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Check the most recent review...

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars. · a month ago
All UK features, Great tv, smashing price
Was a little concerned after placing my order with Pixmania. I read online that due to them being French models the Freeview HD wold not work and i would have trouble getting apps from the UK app store to work such as Plex.

Upon arrival i am pleased to announce that Freeview HD channels do infact work out of the box.

The UK app store does not work straight away but a quick google search will bring up a guide which is fairly simple to follow and takes two minutes to set up."
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