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Posted 4 January 2023

Samsung UE55AU7100 (2021) 55” HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV + 5 Year Guarantee - £379 (With Dolby Atmos Soundbar £478) @ John Lewis

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Same price as the Argos deal, but with a 5 year guarantee.


You can also add a Samsung soundbar with code SAMSUNGSOUND200 for £478. Thanks @chanchi32


The near bezel-less screen of the AU7100 leaves you with only a beautiful 4K HDR picture. It adapts to optimise both picture and sound, so you see stunning detail in every scene, just as the creators intended. Control all compatible devices with its One Remote, you can access a world of online entertainment and handy home apps via Samsung's Smart platform, and it works with compatible Bixby, Google Assistant and Alexa devices..

4K UHD resolution with HDR
This screen has four times the number of pixels than Full HD TVs, delivering stunning realism, natural motion and incredible detail. High Dynamic Range expands light, dark, and every colour in between for a picture that's closer to real life. With HDR10+, colour, contrast and detail are precisely optimised.


Crystal Processor 4K: adapts to give you an optimised 4K picture and targeted sound.
Adaptive Sound: sound adapts to the type of content you're watching, for perfectly-suited audio.
Gaming TV: get the gaming edge with Motion Xcelerator and Auto Low Latency Mode.
Contrast Enhancer: enjoy enhanced depth and colour contrast for a more immersive view.
PurColour: improves the quality of any image, uncovers hidden details, and helps show the true colours of what you're watching.
Boundless Screen: enjoy a beautiful picture on a near bezel-less screen.
One Remote Control: control all of your compatible devices and content with one universal remote control.
Samsung Health: turn your home into a personal gym with the Samsung Health app, letting you enjoy classes, wellness routines and family challenges.

Samsung Smart TV and Apps
Powered by Tizen, Samsung's smart platform is superbly intuitive. It gives you access to a huge collection of 4K content, and all your catch-up TV apps including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV, NOW TV and BT Sport, all in one place at the touch of a button.** Quickly set up your TV using your smart phone (SmartThings mobile app required), and you can watch TV whilst commenting on social media or browsing the internet via Wi-Fi. Samsung's Universal Guide lets you discover great content with tailored recommendations just for you.

Works with smart devices
This TV works with compatible smart home devices and appliances from Bixby, Alexa, Google Assistant and connects through Smart Things (compatible phone and app required. Exact functionality may change at any time and be withdrawn from the product without notice).

Samsung TVPlus
Experience easy access to the latest movies via your TV guide in addition to all your traditional TV channels. Whether you're browsing for the latest Hollywood blockbuster or trying to find Ultra HD content, expand your viewing options through a wealth of additional Smart channels with Samsung TV Plus. Watch subscription free content with on-air and catch-up services including BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and My5. Charges apply for premium on-demand content.

With Q-Symphony LITE, this TV synchronises perfectly with select Samsung soundbars (available separately) for a supreme audio visual experience.

Perfect partners
With TVs getting slimmer and built-in speakers getting smaller, choosing the right sound system is more important than ever. Soundbars enhance your TV's sound quality and add that extra audio punch to all your movies, games and TV programmes. More affordable and easier to set up than a full size speaker system, they don't compromise on quality either.
John Lewis More details at John Lewis

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    You can also add a Samsung soundbar and use code SAMSUNGSOUND200 to get a £200 discount

    Lowest price item is £299, so £99 for soundbar with code johnlewis.com/sam…433


    Other soundbars in the promo

    johnlewis.com/bro…j50 (edited)
    Thank you @Chanchi32
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    Got this from JL last week at £449, will they give me the difference?
    Yes fill in the price match form online. They still price match themselves, for 35 days after purchase I think it is.
    I know as I done the same recently, got Samsung tab s8 for £649, had promotion for £120 Samsung Cashback and also a separate promotion for an extra £200 enhanced trade in for old S5e (they gave £257 instead of £57).
    Then when £120 Cashback offer ended John Lewis dropped the price by £120. So I claimed price match and got £120 refunded too. All in all net spend of £152 (plus old s5e) for Tab S8
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    Would only consider buying Samsung with a 5yr guarantee
    100% agree !
    Mine started having lines on the screen just after 12mths
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    I have the 43" version of this and would strongly recommend avoiding it. It has a plethora of bugs/quirks that make viewing it a very unpleasant experience.

    Switching between 50hz and 60hz on the same input enables the hideous motion smoothing settings, despite it saying it's disabled in the menu. The only workaround is to turn the TV off and on.

    External devices over HDMI are subject to extreme dimming, most evidently in dark scenes. It cannot be addressed in the menu. However, the inbuilt apps (using the same settings) are fine and look much better - but they're janky, slow and prone to very frequent buffering.

    Switching between the TV's apps can also trigger motion quirks. Going from Disney Plus to iPlayer creates a nasty judder effect that can only be fixed by switching to terrestrial TV and back.

    When everything works right, it's actually a pleasant picture - but getting it to stay that way takes a lot of work. (edited)
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    The HDR on this won’t be good at all and in fact looking at the review from Rtings, it’s really not very good at all

    That said, be aware of this and expect nothing spectacular and you’ll be fine

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    I got that soundbar free with my S95b. Got a fantastic deal... Sadly the soundbar doesn't work well with arc and frequently doesn't turn on when I turn on the TV and then won't even turn on when I use the soundbar remote to turn it on. I often have to pull the power cable out then plug it back in and it switches on automatically. It's not that great. However at £99 it's probably worth the hassle. Maybe just an issue with mine. The TV listed here isn't particularly good even as budget range. There's better ones available for just slightly more. I'd go for the Hisense E7HQ quantum dot which you can get for around £380 or else Samsung the Au9000 or Bu8500. ...but depends on your budget I guess. You can get some good Philips ambilight TV's for around 350-500 range too. (edited)
    Sounds like too much hassle even for £99. With the sluggish ui not sure how this is a good deal
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    Is this tv vesa mountable? Couldn’t find info in specs ?
    It is yes
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    Who invented HUKD I have just spent more money on another awesome deal . Black Tv and white Soundbar couldn’t resist at this price … now what to do with my old Samsung TV another for Facebook Marketplace
    Give it to me
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    I've had my similar UE49MU7400 for years now and a few things to watch out for:

    Major light bleed around the edges of the panel. You won't notice this unless you are looking for it, but once you do, you won't be able to un-see it. Get a replacement if it's really bad within warranty.

    Panel flickering - normally happens when there's been a powercut or the TV has been switched off on the wall for a while. Leave it on for half hour and it eventually goes back to normal.

    Also the blacks/darks are terrible. You can't watch TV shows with dark scenes unless you turn off the lights.

    The gaming/low latency mode is a gimmick. The graphics drop so low to achieve it, it's like going from 4k to 720p. There is a trick you can do where you change the input to a custom PC mode, so it keeps latency low but you still get 4K RGB colours for playing on Xbox/Playstation.

    Was a good TV when it first released, but now I'd spend the extra and go for an OLED with 120hz or wait until they drop in price. Especially if you wish to game on an Xbox/Playstation. (edited)
    In fairness your MU and also the NU series of the 7000 series were slightly better than these AU and TU series. We now have a more recent AU7100 and it definitely feels a bit "budget". Quite of bit of value engineering with these newer models, primarily around the processor, audio and build quality.

    Ours is only in the shed, so no big issue. Personally if I was looking for a modern budget Samsung for the house, I wouldn't look at anything less than an 8000 series for marginally more cash (still awful audio, but much nicer build and design)
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    Picture is great watched Christmas Day at sisters brother in law had tweaked the settings with 5 year warranty delivered great price
    What tweak did he make if you don’t mind explaining…
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    Some advice would be appreciated.
    I currently have a Hisense 43A7100FTUK

    I'm in the market for a 55" TV. Not really used for gaming, just general TV, movies and netflix.

    Would this TV be much of an upgrade, in terms of picture quality, from the TV I currently have?

    Thank you
    Any samsung is an upgrade from hisense
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    Do not buy ANY tv without a five year warranty.
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    I don't understand why the Argos deal of the same TV with exactly the same price got so much heat? Argos only does one year warranty and you'd have to pay 106 for two years of insurance.
    However, here you get 5 years warranty for free and £50 extra for 5 years of accidental damage insurance! This is insane!!

    I did make a purchase from Argos but decided to not pick up and 5 days later decided to wait until JL had a TV sale...
    I have ordered with John Lewis with the additional warranty due to toddlers at home.
    I don't want to spend over 400 for a TV and I know OLED is better but for the next 5 years this will do the job! Thank you for posting this deal
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  15. Avatar
    "I recently purchased Samsung integrated oven, induction hob, microwave, phone and tv. Thought it was a great idea/direction to go in. Been dealing with Samsung customer services for months now. Oh my life!
    You don`t state who the retailer was but that`s who you should be dealing with.
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    Shamesung don't honour their warranty anyway. They have become one of the worst electronics manufacturers in recent years and hence the free fall in the price of their useless products..
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    Price is fair but nothing special. I paid this price last summer
  18. Avatar
    Good, albeit basic, TV (as far as Samsung TVs go), still better than a lot of other brands.

    Personally I would recommend spending a bit more on a series 8 or 9

    edge://newtab (tab-tv.com)
    I heard about Samsung TV's having baked in ads, etc. Is that the case with this TV?
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    Shame it's only white for the £99 sound bar tempted to still go.for the TV.
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    Buy tv and sound bar for £479. Sell soundbar on eBay for c£150, so 50" tv for c£329. Sounds like a cracking deal
    Still not a good tv even at just over £300. But taken in context it really depends what it is for.
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    I'm looking to buy a 55" oled TV (£1000) in the next couple of weeks to time with a home move but at this price I'm seriously thinking of going for this. This will suffice for the majority of my viewing, eg 4k Netflix.
    If you were buying an OLED this is the complete opposite end of the scale and I’m not sure why you would look at it.

    Much better out there for not a lot more
  22. Avatar
    Great find 👋
  23. Avatar
    Happy to bite the bullet with this, plus got the soundbar aswell, no brainer really as I needed a TV for the bedroom, thanks!
  24. Avatar
    It's a good deal with the sound bar but not sure about the TV but great find OP thanks for sharing .

    Are there any good TV with HDMI 2.1 within this offer at john Lewis
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    That’s a bargain
  26. Avatar
    how does this compare to the QE55Q80B?
    This is a much more basic set compared to that. (edited)
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    Is there a code or something I’m missing as I can’t get the £200 discount adding the sound bar ???.
    Got it
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    Basic 4k model but good value with the warranty.
  29. Avatar
    Is there a Samsung/Xbox app for this tv? Just wondering before I buy a console 
  30. Avatar
    Anonymous User
    Very good TV for the price!
  31. Avatar
    I just got it yesterday from Argos. Any suggestions if i can return that and get from JL?
    Argos are a pain. Assuming you bought it in store, If you've opened it then I would say the odd of returning are minimal. If you switched it on, then forget it.

    If you've bought online then you have more options, so long as you have not used it beyond "reasonable inspection"

    Worth a go though. Sometimes you come across a more reasonable and flexible member of staff. (edited)
  32. Avatar
    Is this better than 55Au9000?
    Nope. Both in spec and build quality.
  33. Avatar
    We’ve had this TV for about 3 years now, and although it’s not outstanding, this is really good value! I would say the Smart TV features are slow, we use ours with an Apple TV, but the picture quality for the price is absolutely fine
  34. Avatar
    How do Samsung TVs compare to LG TVs I like the LG magic remotes like a wii remote.
  35. Avatar
    How does this compare to the LG nano 55 inch tv please?
  36. Avatar
    I originally wanted this but after reading reviews and comparisons Iv opted to wait for either the Au9000 or the Bu8000 as some features warrant the pass on this model.
    Been searching for a 65" tv for over a month and then pulled the trigger on AU9000. Big upgrade from a 6 year old 49" samsung that i had.

    Kept my eye on either AU8000 or AU9000. £550 and £600 respectively.
    Bought just before boxing day through Curry's. Kept saying 'awaiting stock' for couple of weeks and then just went with it.

    Since then still no discounts for those 2 models.

    Overall i'm happy, just not sure why Severance is a bit 'cloudy' or like washed out on apple TV+. Everything else seems to be fine.
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    Not a great TV to be honest - it is very, very dark. I bought one for my parents as a secondary TV to replace the CX I took when i moved out and whilst I can appreciate it won't compare to the CX.. we all agreed they'd have been better buying the same TV that they use as their primary. It is a similar priced/spec LG that is honestly way better. Just my two cents!
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    Tv gets a very good review on Which.
  39. Avatar
    Does the one remote work with this?
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