SAMSUNG UE55H6670 Smart 3D 55" LED TV (1080p + 600Hz + Freeview HD + Freesat HD) - £749 @ Currys

SAMSUNG UE55H6670 Smart 3D 55" LED TV (1080p + 600Hz + Freeview HD + Freesat HD) - £749 @ Currys

Found 28th Nov 2014
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As part of "The Black Tag Event" (aka Black Friday).

Model is practically identical to the UE55H6700, if you are looking for reviews and comparisons.

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Which? verdict:
Sensational 85%

Hailing from Samsung's 6-series HD TV range, this LED TV promises on paper to be an impressive beast. You get smart TV and a twin-tuner PVR among the high-end features on this stylish set. It aced our picture quality tests, but does it have the overall quality to be a Best Buy? Our unique testing reveals the answer.

PROS Fantastic picture quality, good sound, impressive features and connections
CONS Smart touch control takes a bit of getting used to, smart TV needs better introduction
It's one of the best TVs we've tested in 2014. You get superb picture quality, great sound and excellent features. If you're interested in a big-screen premium TV, this TV should be on your list.

What is it?
It's one of Samsung's big-screen TVs from the 6-series, bursting with top-end features. You get twin Freeview HD tuners, twin Freesat HD tuners and, if you connect a USB hard disk drive to the TV, you also get a twin tuner PVR. There's 3D TV and smart TV, with a special remote control included to use with the apps, web browser and other internet features. It's super-slim and stylish, so could be ideal for a large living room.

What's the picture quality like?
For picture quality, this TV is right up there with the best sets we've seen in 2014. The depth and detail in images on this TV are a sight to behold. High-definition Blu-ray movies sparkle, with crisp resolution and natural pictures. Freeview HD does likewise, and adds a great colour balance, too.

Standard-definition DVDs look good through the Scart RGB, with their own depth and detail. Standard Freeview is a joy to watch on this TV. You get 'active' 3D on this Samsung and, it too looks good, with crisp and sharp pictures that are comfortable to watch. The only drawback is that the viewing angle is narrow, so people sitting to the side won't get as good a view as those sitting straight-on.

What about the sound?
This TV matches its superb picture quality with impressive sound. The speakers have a big stereo soundstage and dynamics - that basically means the TV can produce a good depth of sound that feels full and natural to your ears. You have the option to connect a separate sound bar or surround sound system, via HDMI ARC or the digital audio output.

Is there anything I should look out for?
You get a standard remote control and a 'smart touch control' remote that is designed to make it easier to get around the smart-TV features. It has trackpad in the middle that activates an on-screen pointer if you place a bit of pressure on it with your thumb.

However, it's very easy to inadvertently activate the pointer, which could annoy some people. It would also be helpful if there was a better introduction to using the smart remote. We noticed that when we used the TV with our ideal picture settings, its power consumption was rather high for the size and type of set.

Is there anything else I should know?
If you do get to grips with the smart touch control, it makes getting around the smart TV much easier. The pointer system with mini trackpad is a quick and effective method of navigation. The remote also feels comfortable to hold and use in your hand - it could be used as an everyday remote, albeit with quite a bit of practice required.

Built-in wi-fi gives access to a web browser and a good selection of apps, including all the major UK catch-up TV services. The smart-TV features are well presented and simple to navigate, and ‘smart security’ supposedly protects your TV and connected storage media from hackers when online.

This TV has a very good range of HDMI and USB sockets. One USB socket can be connected to a hard disk for a really versatile twin-tuner PVR. As this TV has twin Freeview HD tuners and twin Freesat HD tuners, you can record one channel whilst watching another at the same time (via the same tuner). All the standard Freeview+ features are also supported.

To make this TV more accessible, there's a voice guide feature that reads out text on screen for people with visual impairments. You can change text to white on a black background to make it easier to read, switch transparent menus to opaque, and zoom in on items in the smart hub.

Should I buy it?
Yes, it is one of the best TVs we've tested in 2014 and a great choice as a big TV. You get sensational picture quality, great sound and fantastic features. It's certainly not cheap, but in this case you do get what you've paid for.

Owner Reviews
Samsung UE55H6670 reviews verified by Reevoo

8 out of 10
Good Points+
Good value for money
Sound quality better than expected
3D projection great
Bad Points−
The eco sensor is too sensitive to change in light and could be distracting if the watching during sunny intervals
Confirmed purchase: 03 July 2014
Published on: 02 August 2014

Samsung UE55H6700 reviews verified by Reevoo

9 out of 10
London GB
Good Points+
lots of features
Bad Points−
nothing yet
Confirmed purchase: 06 September 2014
Published on: 16 September 2014
Edited by: "Vicar_in_a_Tutu" 28th Nov 2014
I have the 40" of this TV and love it. Agree with the review, smart touch control is useless along with voice controls. But apart from that, brilliant picture, especially with hi-def content.

Usb recording is good, but can't watch free view while recoding freesat. Had to buy a PVR

Usb recording is good, but can't watch free view while recoding freesat. … Usb recording is good, but can't watch free view while recoding freesat. Had to buy a PVR

That's annoying, I was under the impression you could! I'm set up for both tuners, I'll report back if my results vary.

Spent ages in (physical) Currys and settled on this model after playing a Sony demo on it. Currys are using a very low bit-rate 720p demo reel on this set, it did NOT show off the picture quality at all, looked terrible (especially with the glaring "Dynamic" shop default settings). After faffing with the settings a bit (as I'd like it at home), and playing some good quality 1080p, I was sold. Nothing at that price range could match it. The 1080p content was near enough on par with another 55" I tried out, the £1799 4K UE55HU7500.

Anyway, managed to bag this deal ^ online when I got home and it's getting delivered this Sunday, can't bloody wait!
Edited by: "Vicar_in_a_Tutu" 28th Nov 2014
just bought the 6700 from John Lewis, but this is scorchio!
How do I access a user manual for the UE55H6670

How do I access a user manual for the UE55H6670

I bought this set on Saturday. Last in the shop on Manager's special. This meant that they bolted on 3 years of warranty at £144, bringing it in at £794 which made the set only £650. It was this thread and review that persuaded me to get it instore there and then. I WILL be claiming that £144 back.

Thanks. It's just what I've spent weeks looking for. I had shortlisted a lower down model and this still came in cheaper.
Edited by: "Rustybucket" 15th Jun 2015
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