SAMSUNG UE75JU6400 - £1330.60 - BEST PRICE ON WEB @ Pixmania

SAMSUNG UE75JU6400 - £1330.60 - BEST PRICE ON WEB @ Pixmania

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Found 21st Apr 2016
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It is the supplier that is the issue

It is the supplier that is the issue

bought my curved samsung from them 6 months ago, all good so far. bargain price eastern european version works fine here
Pretty much half price compared to anywhere else... I assume you still get 12 months warranty.

Heat added - was quite nippy in 'ere.

Says unavailable on site.
Any stats at all?

Says unavailable on site.

Yup - unavailable otherwise I would have ordered - and given heat!
This is the worst supplier I have ever dealt with. I am still awaiting a refund 25 days after they claim they made it. Communication is extremely poor. They will not pass you on to supervisors or give you any other contact information. You are left talking to the robots on the help desk who repeat the same thing over and over. They asked me to send a copy of my passport and a utility bill to process the refund which seemed very odd as all I wanted was it to be credited back to the card.

Spoke to them again this Wednesday and they again refused to pass me on to any other supervisor, or give me alternative contact details for someone in charge. They claimed again that it would be five days for the refund (as if this was a new issue). Luckily I paid by credit card and have logged a dispute with them. However, when checking my account status this morning I see that they are no longer accepting CC payments and want bank transfers only. This seems very dodgy to me and removes a lot of the protection that customers have.
Avoid this company like the plague. Say they will only take money once an order is confirmed but the order never got delivered and I'm still waiting for my money back over a month later. Terrible communication and last contact I had I was told that they only have 1 person making payments so they couldn't guarantee when it would happen. Don't risk your money.
Had a soundbar from Pixmania. No problems, apart from EU plug. Research TVs though, as some don't have the right UK tuner to pick up British Freeview HD.
Pixmania. nightmare.
I bought my synology NAS from them a few years back. Other than receiving a euro plug, I had no issues with it. But I have read a lot of negative things from HUKD though. I'm really tempted to get this TV!
I bough an unbranded tv. Didn't like it after a week and they sent a currier to pick up full refund.

I had huge issues with John Lewes and everybody says is great... All depends in how lucky u are at the time
still chasing my refund from the last pixmania tv offer on here. having to get the bank to do a charge back!

worst company ever
Don't do it, not a UK version TV, does it have Freeview HD?
Pixmania ........avoid.....avoid.....avoid.....should not be allowed on UKHD....they are not a UK company
heat added on price alone - why the f is this cold? wheres a better deal for this telly?
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