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Posted 17 February 2024

Samsung LS27C902PAUXXU 5K Viewfinity S9 27" Monitor - 5120x2880, Matte, Smart Calibration, Thunderbolt 4, 4K Camera, Speakers

£999£1,27121% off
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A good alternative to Apple Studio Display and you’re not in the Apple ecosystem.

P/S my first deal post!

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About this item
  • 5K resolution with 218 PPI for incredible detail. The 99% DCI-P3 option delivers the color saturation to bring your ideas to vibrant life, and factory-calibrated color accuracy
  • Matte Display drastically reduces light reflections without obscuring your view. Intelligent Eye Care automatically optimizes brightness, reduces blue light, and eliminates screen flickering
  • Connect to your favourite Windows and Mac devices with DisplayPort and Thunderbolt 4 connectivity. The new Thunderbolt 4 compatibility means you can transfer data more reliably.
  • 4K SlimFit camera keeps video conferencing crystal clear, and capturing content in high resolution has never been easier.
  • Smart TV Apps - Switch over to entertainment the second you're done with work. Embedded Smart TV apps have all of today's hottest streaming content, easily accessible in one screen.

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  1. hfgbhch's avatar
    With a student account on samsung website its £799.20 with a free galaxy watch 5 pro bluetooth 45mm (edited)
    SeventyTimes7's avatar
    Thanks so much! Just got this myself
  2. Blahblahblah1's avatar
    Bought one. Put it back in the box an hour later. Cheap and nasty build and horrible smart tv software. I’ve had £200 DELL monitors that were nicer than this in terms of build quality. For the money it’s nowhere near good enough. Spend the extra few hundred and get the studio display if you are playing at this end of the market. (edited)
    yetikingkong's avatar
    Oh dear. I took a punt at. £799 and the free watch. If it is bad I’ll have to return it. I hope returns are free. 
  3. Portos's avatar
    Samsung has great products but their support is . No more Samsung for me. (edited)
  4. ibz100's avatar
    Looks good but the port selection leaves a lot to be desired.

    The USB- C feels redundant with TB4. Mini DP is a shambles, why not just include full DP? HDMI would have been nice too.

    I'd almost certainly have to use adapters which feels odd for the price point.
  5. jack201's avatar
    Voted cold if this was from Apple it would have been hot (edited)
    ws007's avatar
    if it was from apple it would be 5 times the price
  6. kappachin0's avatar
    Nah, Amazon has way better customer service than dog crap Sammy, in case things go wrong.
  7. vs_'s avatar
    It’s worth paying little more and get apple. This is crap. Apple will pay 5 years + easily
    Pingu_NOOTNOOTMF's avatar
    Ain't this the same cost of a apple monitor stand hahahaha
  8. smudgemobile's avatar
    Welcome to HUKD congratulations on your 1st deal
  9. Andy's avatar
    Good find and first deal - thanks for sharing
  10. Rocky96's avatar
    Kidney touching deal 🔥
  11. ws007's avatar
    Max 60Hz
    comedychris's avatar
    Its for content creation and editing and coukd watch movies etc all 60fps or lower no need for higher Hz 95% of the tike for these use cases... so if they did it would cost more and most people woukdnt benefit so it makes sense to be 60 at this price point
  12. 4810510's avatar
    Apple don't make monitors, they have them made by LG. Bought 3 for work and LG customer service is awful, but to be honest the hassle was worth it against paying the Apple price for the same thing.
    greatnameuk's avatar
    i presume you are refering to the Apple Studio Display vs. LG Ultrafine 5k Display ?

    and does anyone know of any other cheaper decent **glossy** monitors... (edited)
  13. Ilovedesign's avatar
    I wonder if this would be any good for gaming?
    van_tam's avatar
    Like someone mentioned above only 60hz
  14. van_tam's avatar
    Why does Samsung stick with its os..... its rubbish. Its always been sluggish. The monitor price isn't justified against the apple studio monitor and even tho im anti apple, the studio monitor just beats the s9 monitor hands down in every department. Just I.m.o
    idealstandard's avatar
    Hands down in every department? Sorry but that's just objectively wrong.

    Here's a side by side comparison, showing they're almost identical on the specs that matter: displayspecifications.com/en/…c12 and - if you really want to get into it - the Samsung features a wider DCI P3 gamut, i.e. superior.

    I've no horse in either race here.
  15. welshinzaghi's avatar
    You’d really expect a better refresh rate at this price. Even desktop work at higher than 60hz is a noticeable improvement
  16. fobber's avatar
    Expired. Amazon price now increased to £1276.
    Out of stock on Samsung UK store
    fobber's avatar
    Price has been reduced again to £999 after two days at the higher price £1277.
    This is a great monitor. Like all IPS panels it has some backlight bleeding which nearly made me return it until I realised that even the Apple studio monitor is similar.
    I have connected two PCs to mine and switching is easy using the high-quality remote control.
    Surprised how much I use the Tizen interface to watch Plex and TV stations.
    Colours are vibrant watching YouTube.
    Sound is disappointingly tinny compared to my previous ACER monitor, but it is detailed. I’m getting used to it.
  17. fobber's avatar
    Another price increase on amazon to £1271
  18. fobber's avatar
    Price reduced again to £999
  19. fobber's avatar
    Now out of stock at amazon. This is never going to expire!
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