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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 £203.58 with code / £161.08 after trade-in via Samsung

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Similar to the Watch 5 Pro deal with £100 off with trading in any old Smartwatch, posted previously,

This Watch 5 (not Pro) deal gives you a flat £50 off with any old watch

And it stacks with the 15% off code, GALAXYECO15

Samsung More details at Samsung

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    Jobby watches only trading in at 10 pound (on Pro) (edited)
    Not true. Gives £100. Add trade-in when in the basket not on the main page of the watch;)
    Sorry forgot to mention only works on Grey not Black. (edited)
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    Just a quick word of warning for anyone who uses a laptop. The magnetic clasps on these watches tricks your laptop into thinking the lid is closed. So screen goes off and logs out of windows when typing innocently away. Just something to be aware of! I have the 5 pro watch and it's pretty good, I probably don't utilise the functionality very well, but there's a few things I like about it. Pretty happy with it. Charging annoys me since it's usb C and my charger in the bedroom isn't so I often plug into my s22 ultra for a top up which hammers the phones battery. I remember having an lg watch R or something around 7 or 8 years ago and the battery life was as good if not better than this. People say it does so much more now etc but I guess I'm one of those that really just wants notifications on the wrist and time and date, steps and weather... The rest is just noise to me...
    Honestly, you might as well get a £20 fitness band. They'll do all of that with a 14 day battery life. The new ones have a bright oled screen, show my what apps messages, buzzes on phone call, pause play music on headphones... I can't see what else you need. The only issue is style I suppose. If you don't mind an anonymous black silicon strap over a traditional style watch. (edited)
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    Anyone switched from an Apple Watch to this? I have an iPhone but believe you can get all the features unlocked
    I couldn't get the watch5 pro to work with an iPhone. Doesn't seem to be an app to help. Earbuds work fine though.
    Eventually sent mine back l today - each time there was any update of the phone or if I switched off the watch, all watch faces had deleted. They also failed to re-set from any back ups.
    Perhaps I'd had a duff one but gave up with it after a couple of weeks. Shame as it had a lot of other things going for it. (edited)
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    So the code is back:) I believe Pro 5 under £200 is available then again...
    Yes, £190.40 without a strap with £100 trade-in any smartwatch. (edited)
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    Does anyone have thisnwatch? I'm tempted but heard bad things about the watch4 battery and the watch 5 YouTube reviews aren't looking great on that front. I like the look of this watch though and the price is tempting and I have a Samsung phone
    I got 1 today, went from a watch 4. Its much more responsive. Register's my steps. Better, will keep you informed on battery.
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    Is this still working?

    I get a "Please enter a valid Voucher Code" error
    Yes looks like both codes not working anymore but they might be live again. Just check time to time.
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    Should be able to claim Google Play Voucher too?
    If you can turn back the time, yes😃
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    Doesn't work with all pink 40mm setting for £50 trade in any watch?
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    Trade-in for "other" watches is £10 can't get it to £50
    I just clicked through the link above and trade in for other says £100
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    Not sure how you managed to get the price down to £161.08, cheapest I can get is £205.79 and the Any Smartwatch trade in is showing as £10.00.

    Discount code isn't working now... (edited)
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    Don't assume you will get any tradein (or cashback especially) from samsung. They outsourced their deals to third party scammers.

    We used to upgrade our phones/watches almost yearly through 'samsung' but after the hassle last year I wouldn't touch these deals with a bargepole.

    These 'Samsung' tradein/cashback deals really should be banned on here.... (edited)
    I'm dealing with Samsung from 2018, bought numerous items from them with either trade-in or cashback option and I'd say only 1-2 out of 10 were cases I had to deal with but almost everyone of them was in my favour. I only paid twice for temperamental charging port.
    If you send them the device in whatever condition always take a screenshot of what condition device you are sending and if it stated as working then before sending it just take a lot of pictures and couple of videos.
    But again that's my personal experience.
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    For the any watch will a fitbit be OK?
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    Code not currently working for me but will keep trying
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    Discount code for 40mm pink BT doesn't work and the trade in value comes out at £10 for Other Watch. Works out £10 cheaper on Amazon with no trade in and next day delivery.

    I did the samsung cash back deal last year on a watch + buds combo. Got all the confirmatory text messages etc. but the cash never materialised; so come phone upgrade time this year I got my first iPhone.
    Yep I was phoning weekly for over 6 months before we got the £400 odd cashback they owed us. I suspect alot of people like you give up and the company keeps the money from samsung for themselves.
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    My watch arrived today but is faulty and won't charge either from the supplied puck or my own Qi charging pad. After spending 2hrs on chat with tech support (who just seem to copy/paste the troubleshooting steps already on their website) they passed me to sales support who said I'd have to return it to be checked out and then a replacement would be sent within two weeks. That's unacceptable for an item DOA so I've told them to keep it and I'll have a refund. Only problem is I've already bought and opened a Spigen case/strap for it from Amazon so I'll be £20 down regardless. Not a happy bunny.
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    code doesnt work