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Posted 11 October 2022

Samsung Watch4 40mm with Free Samsung Duo Wireless Charging Pad - £149 @ Amazon (Prime Exclusive)

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I know the watch was already posted previously, however it now shows an offer with a free charging pad which is £50.34 when bought seperately.

Credit to QueenoftheNorth24:"You can get £50 trade in for any smart watch too through student portal"

So potentially £99 for both.
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    try the black one

    add the £149 watch to the basket on it its own

    then go back and add both using the promo link

    then in basket remove the £199 watch (leaving the £149 watch and 67 charger

    go to checkout & it deducts

    ... now what is this student portal thing

    hmm £186 inc the buds

    could be a real bargain with the £50 trade....

    161615221665498638.jpg (edited)
    they can't really guarantee delivery on the 13th, as the posties are on strike!
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    Quite tempted by this tbh.

    Before I hit buy, I assume a (cheap/basic) Xiaomi Mi Band 4 counts as a "smartwatch" for trade-in purposes?
    I'm trading in an honor band, there were no specifications other than the following:
    Free of damage
    Device powers on and holds charge
    Factory reset and no software locks
    No outstanding finance or credit
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    You can get £50 trade in for any smart watch too through student portal on the Samsung website.

    I think it's £169 on Student portal on Samsung so with the £50 trade in you get it for £119. And the free dio charger with it (edited)
    How please
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    The £50 trade in is only on the Samsung student/work portal. The price is £169 there. So with trade in it is £119

    Without the duo I believe (edited)
    I'm not a student but do get the Samsung perks at work thingy and the Duo pad is automatically adding to the basket when you buy the watch. £119.15 for both items, with the £50 trade-in applied.
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    Works like a charm on Uni
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    Ordered thanks OP
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    How do u trade in please? Is there a link? Don't see anything on the page. I'm a student
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    Other half has the active 2.. Is there any point in getting this?
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    Bugger. Bought the watch at 1am this morning and the offer wasn't available for charger, now when I try and buy again and then add charger it doesn't give it to me for free!
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    My sister tried to buy this but when adding charger at checkout it wasn't giving it for free, tried explaining to customer service but they wanted screen shots and allsorts as that what it states on the page, she gave up and bought it from John lewis instead, bonus for her as she got it for £124 with the John lewis code
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    it works

    whats the student portal thing, 48415389-uvHJS.jpg
    Doesn’t work for me and I am a prime member
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    It’s charging for the charger. Not free for some reason.
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    It works (edited)
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    I sat on to customer services for 45 mins as it was showing £199 at checkout instead of £149. They told me to pay the £199 and they would refund the £50 once delivered, which was followed up by their agent which was good.

    Said they would amend the fault ASAP
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    Is it meant to look like Kim K is bending over?
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    Any link for trade in? New student thus don't know where
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    What do you mean trade in?
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    I wonder if you can order through Amazon and then cancel the charger immediately to get the watch for 102?
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    Did anyone return the dock to see if you can get it even more cheaper?