Samsung WB610 Digital Camera £159 (12MP, 15x Optical Zoom, Possible AMOLED Screen?) £159 @ jessops

Samsung WB610 Digital Camera £159 (12MP, 15x Optical Zoom, Possible AMOLED Screen?) £159 @ jessops

Found 21st Nov 2010
OOS on the website today (it wasn't yesterday) but plenty in stores. This model is exclusive to Jessops and after talking to their customer services they insist it has an AMOLED screen so it's effectively a WB650 without the GPS. I tried to check out the screen in-store but battery was dead (if anyone can confirm that it has AMOLED please post as I'd love to know). WB600 is £170 on Amazon.

With a 24mm ultra-wide angle lens and 15X Super-zoom, capture the whole world and bring it closer to you. Plus with Samsung’s Full Manual Control lets you capture those moments you might otherwise miss out on in auto mode.

* 15x Schneider Lens
* 24mm Wideangle
* HD Movie
* Face Recognition
* Dual Image Stabilisation
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5% off code VOUCHERCODESUK works as well... £151.05 collected
Samsund lol thats a new model on me...

Samsund lol thats a new model on me...

Where's it say that? (_;) Done, thanks.
I hate jessops
If this was a Panasonic with Leica written on it the price would be £250.
Seems to be the same as the WB650 but without the GPS. Decent deal but not seriously hot.

The WB650 was well review though.
I ordered this Jessop camera for my daughter for Christmas but am think of canceling as I have just seen this one in Argos…600

I don't really know a lot about cameras ... can someone tell me the difference between the two of them as they look the same to me:) thanks
The WB600 from Argos probably deserves a thread of it's own for that price, well spotted. According to Jessops and a few foreign Samsung websites the only difference is the screen on the back, the WB600 uses conventional LCD technology but the WB610 uses a better AMOLED screen like it's bigger brother, the WB650 (which also includes GPS).
Did anyone establish if this has an amoled screen? It's £144 now (inc 5% off code ... AND another 8% Quidco) ... so that would make it around £133.
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Phoned Jessops today ... confirmed NO AMOLED screen, so essentially just a bog standard WB600 with a different name! (_;)
It IS an AMOLED screen. Read to full specs here...…ies
NO IT IS NOT AMOLED i have spoken to samsung they do not know why says it is its the same as the wb600 might just be a way to avoid price matching as its not the same name lol
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