Samsung WIS12ABGN/XEC Allshare (DLNA) Smart TV Wireless Dongle Down to £23.96 Delivered @ Amazon

Samsung WIS12ABGN/XEC Allshare (DLNA) Smart TV Wireless Dongle Down to £23.96 Delivered @ Amazon

Found 19th Nov 2012
Product Description
As well as giving you Internet access via your Smart TV, this intelligent adapter provides a wireless connection for compatible devices, supports AllShare Play and even includes a handy extension cable.
Box Contains
1x Samsung WIS12ABGN/XEC Wireless Dongle Allshare (DLNA) SMART TV, Support 802.11a/b/g/n
Product Description
Wireless Dongle for 2012 Samsung Smart TVs. .
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will this work for smart blu ray players?
Good price, these are usually ludicrously expensive, and although there is some chipset in certain Netgear(?) dongles that is compatible, it is hit and miss whether the generic model and chipsets are correct.

That said, I hardly ever use the smart TV services - if it Channel 4 as well as iPlayer, I might - but a console is normally a better experience overall.

I used this as a dongle for my laptop when the built in one went crap with linux, and it is rock solid - if a bit bulky (this probably comes with a 45 degree adapter though)
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Thank You bought this to go with a new 32ES5500 TV for my sister's Xmas present
ISME are offering these for free when you buy certain Samsung TVs.

I've just ordered…475
Good thing with ISME is anything over £75 is interest free for 12 months so you can spread the cost
I am tempted by this but fear I may never actually use it. Damn HUKD!
£23.90 now, bought one.

Have the Samsung UE32EH5300, the web features are fantastic.
Oh good news infiltrator can't wait till mine arrives!
got 1
Is it possible to use this to connect a Sky+ box to the wifi?

BD Player:
2010: C5*** series - 2011: D53** ~ D55** - 2012: BD E5500, ES6300 HES
2010: C5*** series - 2011: D51** ~ D53** (D5000 ~ D55**, D7000 are only supported in Europe) - 2012: E4200, 4500

2010 C550 and above
2011 D530 and above

2010 C5000 and above
2011 D5000 ~ D64**2012 EH 4500, EH 5300, EH 5400, ES 5500,ES 5700

Plasma TV:
2010 C550 and above (C540 is only supported in North America)
2011 D550 ~ D64**2012 E 490, 550 (Korea, Europe & CIS)
Good deal.
Hi all, I'm thinking of buying the Samsung Plasma PS43E490 - which has DNLA, (so not sure if it's a "smart" tv).

Will this dongle allow me to connect to my wireless network at home and let me stream & watch BBC iPlayer the Samsung PS43E490???
£23.46 now, even better

Is it possible to use this to connect a Sky+ box to the wifi?

Can't guarantee it but....I've been using my £9.99 Sky wireless LAN adaptor with my Samsung UE32EH5300 TV for the last week, works perfectly, no TV setup required. I bought the Sky wireless LAN adaptor for Sky On demand, but my box hasn't had the update yet - might be this week according to Sky support.

Bought this dongle as I'll need the Sky adaptor back to my Sky box soon. Would've had another Sky LAN adaptor but they're up to £22 now.
My samsung smart tv is wired to my router so wouldn't add any value for me would it?
Also at isme for same price, whoever they are, look same as very/littlewoods…475
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