Samsung WW80J6610CW 1600rpm spin washing machine @ Currys £479 save £70 (was £549) + Free delivery + (Poss Quidco/Topcashback around 2%)

Samsung WW80J6610CW 1600rpm spin washing machine @ Currys £479 save £70 (was £549) + Free delivery + (Poss Quidco/Topcashback around 2%)

Found 2nd Feb 2016
Our washing machine went bang yesterday afternoon so as it's 15 years old and i've repaired it 4 times thought time for a new one. Had a good hunt about and decide on an 8kg+ Samsung because of the 5 year warranty.

So I looked on Which where the WW80J6410CW the 1400rpm spin was written up as "practically perfect" and got a Best Buy. Anyway for LESS than the cost of the 1400 rpm spin I found the WW80J6610CW the 1600rpm spin model for £479 including free next day delivery (12 hour window, can upgrade to 4 hour window for £19.99). This was reduced from £549.

Currys also do cashback for about 2-2.5% on the usual sites too.

Anyway I ordered it last night just after 8pm. I got an email within minutes giving me a delivery window of 12:35-16:35 today. At 12:30 today they called to say they were running late by 20 minutes they promptly arrived at 12:50 and delivered the machine to where I wanted it. The delivery guys were very polite and helpful offering some useful advice like don't forget to remove the transit bolts etc.

I now have the machine up and running and it's almost silent i'm seriously impressed with it, it's stress free for 5 years and the motor is covered by a 10 year warranty. The display is really well lit and very clear, you can vary the washing programs nicely with extra/fewer rinses etc and the ecobubble technnology mixes the detergent with air and water to make little bubbles that permeate the laundry much more effectively, Which claimed the machine is very effective even washing down at 15C.

I did a search and couldn't find this model listed on here only the £399 lower spec unit. Hope someone finds this useful, i'm really impressed with just how quiet this thing is even when spinning at full 1600rpm. All the best everyone!
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Great find, love to know where the cold voters can find a cheaper 1600rpm spin speed Samsung washing machine!

Have some heat to warm up your icicles!
My Samsung washing machine was highly rated by which however I would gladly trade it for another bosch. Started out great with a nice quiet full speed spin but within a couple of years rattles and bangs around like crazy.
Is it not under warranty then? I see plenty of complaints about Bosch machines too recently especially on here. Anyway that's why the 5 year warranty, if it starts doing something wrong get it repaired. I wouldn't buy anything without a long warranty for exactly that reason, especially as the modern machines are harder and harder to repair etc

My parents bought a £500 Bosch it died 1 month outside warranty and Bosch and the retailer didn't want to know, if it were me i'd have fought them but they have foster kids so needed a machine quickly so bought another, their Bosch dishwasher died 2 months after that too lol, not lucky!
Edited by: "Rich44" 2nd Feb 2016
Samsung machines are not good overrated should stick to tv's Miele all the way
Seen plenty of people moaning about lower end miele machines too also didn't do so well in the which tests either but horses for courses I couldn't care less about longevity etc because it's got a 5 year warranty on parts & labour & separate 10 year warranty on the motor.

I don't see the problem myself it's under warranty under £100 per year for a washing machine is pretty good. Girlfriends mum had a Miele machine and she could never use it as it was permanently broken so she got fed up & binned it dunno how old it was but it wasn't a cheap one.

I wouldn't have bought this one if not for the warranty everyone else wants nigh on £100 per year to extend the warranty above 2 years. Also as I said it's cheaper than the 1400 spin model by £100

Anyway hope it's helped someone & if you're gonna hate then no skin off my nose at all.

Kids enjoyed the little musical tune it plays when programs finish lol.
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