Samsung YP-K3 - 4GB MP3 Player - £93.97 delivered from amazon

Samsung YP-K3 - 4GB MP3 Player - £93.97 delivered from amazon

Found 19th Feb 2007
This is the latest (released in Jan 2007) and best-looking Samsung MP3 Player to date! It looks as good as the Ipod (if not better), it's slim, the audio quality is superb, and it has a 25 hour battery time.

This item costs £120 + delivery elsewhere, so if you're looking for a great looking and sounding MP3 player, that is easy to use and doesn't need extra software to transfer music to your MP3 player, this is what you need!

You can simply use the Windows Media Player, Winamp, or per drag & drop to transfer music to your player (unlike iPod, where you have to install the iCrap software).

General Information: Memory Storage: 4GB * Product Color: Black * Display * Playback Time: 25 Hours * Dimensions (W x H x D): 96 x 44 x 6.95mm * Weight: 50g / 0.76oz

Functions: Plays MP3 and WMA/WMA DRM files * Photo Viewer (JPEG) * FM Radio * Alarm clock

Price updated.
- alien7


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The sexy look:

I like this a lot, voted hot.

Although, I think Sammy should have made the retail price lower, its too close to the Nano's


I love the look of this, nice find alien7 :thumbsup:

I just bought the 4gb Samsung Z5 for £80 on Play a month ago..otherwise I would have grabbed this one.
Still, the Z5 has an estimated 44 hours playback and from what I have seen so far...that is about right. This one has much less.

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The rated battery life for Samsung YP-Z5 is 35 hrs.

Play have it for the same price


Have to admit being tempted by this... but as it is only just out and there are new colours out soon I think the prices may drop more. Supposedly an 8Gb version out too.

At Play 4Gb Ipod = £109.99, 4Gb Samsung = £99.99. Not enough of a price difference I think, even though the Samsung may be better.

Click Image View on the link below to see the Bloody Mary and Mojito versions....



The rated battery life for Samsung YP-Z5 is 35 hrs.

The Samsung website (link above) says 25 hours. Mmm do it for £99 but delivery is only free if you're spending over £150.

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Bumping this up because the price went down from £99 to £93.97 (delivered). Bargain for the quality MP3 Player you'll get!

YP-Z5 is the BEST sounding by quite a way (and also by far the best battery life) portable player I have owned - and I've owned an IPOD and a Irivier IHP-120.

I really treasure it - superb bit of kit - even get superb battery life with OGGs


Title reads £79.43.

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Thx gd_miester, corrected the price now.
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