Samuel adams lager 99p @ Lidl

Samuel adams lager 99p @ Lidl

LocalFound 19th Mar
Super weekend deal at lidl this coming weekend...

Normally a good price in lidl normally but 99p is a cracking price!!
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Really nice lager, I got this from Majestic last time at a touch under this price.
Really good beer, not the like normal American fizz
Paid $10 a pint for this recently in Newark airport!
Easy drinking, decent price
330ml or 500ml?
Donnellios7 m ago

330ml or 500ml?

355ml (12 fluid ounces)
Mech651 h, 14 m ago

Really good beer, not the like normal American fizz

The Americans actually make some very good craft beers, and there's loads of them. Sam Adams and others under the same brewery are still technically craft beers, it's just the company is rather large.

I've been meaning to try their Rebel IPA, too.
Samuel Adams, always a good decision.
As long as it gets the taste of weed and hooker spit out of my mouth
webmong10 h, 59 m ago

355ml (12 fluid ounces)

They have started brewing it in the uk under license and into 330ml bottles, if its the imported 355ml bottles for a quid then that is an excellent deal. The stuff brewed here doesn't tatse the same, maybe thats just me.
Two pints of Sam Adams, but I'm working on three!
Is this still on? Noticed Lidl have pulled it from their website!!
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