Samuel L. Jackson Collection [3 DVD]: Coach Carter/ Shaft / Rules Of Engagement - £3.79 @ BTRDirect (Free Delivery)

Samuel L. Jackson Collection [3 DVD]: Coach Carter/ Shaft / Rules Of Engagement - £3.79 @ BTRDirect (Free Delivery)

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Triple bill of 'hard hitting' Samuel L Jackson flicks. No doubt Samuel plays it cool as always! Anyway, great price. (Next best Base @ £5.99)

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Samuel L. Jackson Collection

In 'Coach Carter'(2005), Jackson plays controversial basketball coach Ken Carter in this drama about a failing inner-city school. When the tough, no-nonsense coach decides to take extreme measures to improve his team's poor academic performance, he makes national news. Although the team is undefeated, Carter locks them out of the gymnasium in an attempt to focus their minds on their studies, and to show them a world beyond drugs, gangs and even basketball. But Carter realises he has an uphill struggle when his controversial approach puts him into opposition with an irate community that wants the team back in the league.

'Shaft' (2000) is a remake of the 1971 blaxploitation classic with Jackson taking over from Richard Roundtree in the title role. When waitress Diane (Toni Collette) sees ultra-rich playboy Wade (Christian Bale) murder a young black man outside a nightclub, she knows that she will be next and promptly goes into hiding. Enter Armani-wearing supercop John Shaft, the only man who cares enough to bring Wade to justice, and Diane's only hope of survival. Wade pays the drug-boss Peoples Hernandez (Jeffrey Wright) to have Diane killed, but Shaft is also hot on her trail and he's not a man put off easily.

Finally, in 'Rules of Engagement' (2000), Colonel Terry Childers (Jackson) is a war hero whose peacekeeping mission to Yemen goes horribly wrong when he orders his men to open fire on a group of demonstrators. The colonel is subsequently charged with murder and asks his comrade-in-arms Hays Hodges (Tommy Lee Jones), a military lawyer of questionable ability, to defend him at the court martial. But when Hodges starts investigating he is surprised to find evidence that points to a cover-up. William Friedkin directs.


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can hardly be called a collection! Jebus a true collection would be 100`s of discs the guy never has a day off!

still decent price
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Shaft is excrement.

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