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Cheap Oxford Classic Shoe - Black at Samuel Windsor for £37.50 plus £5.95 delivery - £43.45
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Posted 15th Jul 2017Posted 15th Jul 2017
Cheap Oxford Classic Shoe - Black at Samuel Windsor for £37.50 plus £5.95 delivery - £43.45
End of season sale, Typical High Street Price: £130.75 Made using time honoured shoemaking techniques, these handmade five-eyelet Classic Oxford shoes are a gent’s menswear staple… Read more
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Haha thanks. Particularly like the red ones but don't think they'd match my uniform colour. I'm a size 12. I like the classic oxford style for work and they're quite hard to come by


Not a size 7 are you?(come up large - I take a 10, but I'm 10.5 in most, 11 in adidas!) Or 7 or 9 - 8.5 wide? - Jones Bootmakers, John Lewis and HoF don't have sales on at present. Of course, they don't always get it right :D :D :D


If I can find the same style shoe for less than £100 that's significantly better then I'd have them. Not saying these are overly great. It's just I had a certain expectation when buying shoes for only £37 and it's met them.


Ok, so I spent £69.99 in 2010 on a pair of black loake brogues for work. Still going strong, comfortable and support my foot well. Having used these shoes(SW), and others, I'm just trying to warn people of the false economy. If you wear them to work every day, that's getting on towards 2000 hours a year! It pays to look after yer toots :) Anyway, hope these feedbacks help others in their choices.


Yeah but they're £37.50. We're not talking about a pair of RM Williams.

15% off at Samuel Windsor (£5.95 p&p)
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Posted 25th Aug 2016Posted 25th Aug 2016
15% off at Samuel Windsor (£5.95 p&p)
Saw a post on Facebook, you get the discount at basket. Good for formal shoes, so got myself a pair of brogues for a wedding next week. Can't go wrong for a pair of shoes for £30! … Read more



well made for the price but my last pair of brogues from them have never broken in. very uncomfortable after 12 months of trying to wear them. very nice to look at on the shoe rack though!


Sorry mate, I always forget P&P! I'll edit!


Plus £5.95 P&P

20% off everything  at Samuel Windsor (ends tonight 27/4/16) - reduced to 15% tmw and 10% on Friday
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Posted 27th Apr 2016Posted 27th Apr 2016
20% off everything at Samuel Windsor (ends tonight 27/4/16) - reduced to 15% tmw and 10% on Friday
20 % off everything today (27/4/16) 15% off tmw (28/4/16) and 10%off on Friday (29/4/16). I've just purchased some handmade black Oxford shoes and have had these before. Pretty d… Read more

its not free delivery though... :(

Goodyear Welted shoes for £27.50 @ Samuel Windsor
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Posted 2nd Oct 2015Posted 2nd Oct 2015
Goodyear Welted shoes for £27.50 @ Samuel Windsor
Received an email from Samuel Windsor that the Goodyear Welted shoes (handmade leather) are going on sale for 48hrs ONLY.

quality shoes me dad has always bought from samuels Windsor and never had a problem . I even bought a pair of oxfords in black . Great shoes at a great price


Echoing what others have said I brought 2 pairs of shoes through a group on from this company. They were massively reduced according to the groupon. Leather quality was terrible. Sole was coming loose on arrival! Absolutely stunk of glue. Really poor quality shoes. As others have said save up some money and buy some good shoes. We have some excellent shoe makers in the uk. “The reason that the rich were so rich, Vimes reasoned, was because they managed to spend less money. Take boots, for example. He earned thirty-eight dollars a month plus allowances. A really good pair of leather boots cost fifty dollars. But an affordable pair of boots, which were sort of OK for a season or two and then leaked like hell when the cardboard gave out, cost about ten dollars. Those were the kind of boots Vimes always bought, and wore until the soles were so thin that he could tell where he was in Ankh-Morpork on a foggy night by the feel of the cobbles. But the thing was that good boots lasted for years and years. A man who could afford fifty dollars had a pair of boots that'd still be keeping his feet dry in ten years' time, while the poor man who could only afford cheap boots would have spent a hundred dollars on boots in the same time and would still have wet feet." This was the Captain Samuel Vimes 'Boots' theory of socioeconomic unfairness.


These are poorly made shoes. If you can afford Church's shoes, buy them. You can send them back and have them restored like new for £100. I used to buy them when I worked in the city, but I just buy Loake shoes now. So, it depends how often you're going to be wearing the shoes and for which purpose. Edit. Cheaney shoes are also good value.


Yeah but even from the churches factory shop you are looking at 200 quid plus, so you would hope there decent!


Try to google " Northampton factory shoe shops" it should bring up church's and crocket and jones plus others, you can save some serious money and get hand made quality shoes, I have bought some cheap broages before and they don't last.

flash sale, handmade brown leather brogues just £29.99 + p&p £35.44 only for 48 hours‏ - Samuel Windsor
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Posted 15th Apr 2015Posted 15th Apr 2015
flash sale, handmade brown leather brogues just £29.99 + p&p £35.44 only for 48 hours‏ - Samuel Windsor
Only got my first set of SW shoes recently and so far quite impressed (although the sides of the sole do mark easily ..)

Always around this price. I've had a pair of these for a couple of years and they're okay... but they're not great. Previous comment about soles is correct.


2 pairs £75 off the more expensive shoes couple with the code SW10DISC and you get them at about £35 a pair delivered


The uppers on SW shoes are very good and last a while. However, in my experience the soles do not and a replacement leather sole costs more than the original cost of the shoe. You could buy two pairs of course!


Standard Delivery - UK - 3-4 Days £5.45


Brown only?

Samuel Windsor End of Line Shoe Sale
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Posted 27th Nov 2014Posted 27th Nov 2014
Samuel Windsor End of Line Shoe Sale
Great deals on some really nice, well made shoes (and some not so nice ones!) they all usually retail around the £100 - £115 mark so these are a snip at £27.50. Shipping will set … Read more
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They never really retail at £100 or anywhere close (just look on Amazon). Not saying they're not worth it at the current price though.


OP - do you know if Samuel-Windsor shoes are usually on the 'big' or 'small' side of things? (I like the boots you pictured but unsure whether to order 8.5 or 9)


I've tried to make a link too OP and tarry - it didn't work either! Just google samuel windsor !!


Link not working


Sorry, direct link doesn't seem to be working. See 'Clearance' and 'Shoes'.

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Samuel Windsor 48 hour flash sale 75% off casual shirts
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Posted 18th Mar 2014Posted 18th Mar 2014
Samuel Windsor 48 hour flash sale 75% off casual shirts
48 hour flash sale many casual shirts reduced from £60 to £12.50

Posh Name... Pap Stuff :(


Same Clifford James same company and they're stuff is pretty poor quality


Great price. Then I remembered - Samuel Windsor...if they are anything like their shoddy footwear, no thanks. Not even for 12 pence.


£5.45 delivery......think that should be pointed out.........

samuel windsor shoe
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Posted 25th Dec 2013Posted 25th Dec 2013
samuel windsor shoe
Seems a very good deal , its worth checking
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Junk! check past threads.. Normal offer is two pairs for around this price


Avoid like the plague. Shoddily made and very poor quality. Sole mainly cardboard.


is this not a good deal for handmade shoes?

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Posted 1st Sep 2013Posted 1st Sep 2013
classic pique polo shirts in a range of seasonal colours look fantastic with a casual outfit for a night out or a relaxing weekend stroll. Made from luxurious 100 per cent cotton a… Read more
Samuel Windsor Shirts were £60 now £15 @ Samuel Windsor
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Posted 28th Nov 2012Posted 28th Nov 2012
Samuel Windsor Shirts were £60 now £15 @ Samuel Windsor
A Samuel Windsor formal shirt is a truly unique combination of style, feel and fit. Immaculately produced by world-class shirt makers, our shirts are created using the finest two-f… Read more

Worth what you pay for them. RRP is a fantasy.


Ordered thank you


Anybody used Samuel Windsor before? What is the quality of material used and if they have different to normal sizes? Cheers

Samuel Windsor shoes from £35 + p&p great for work etc
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Posted 21st Jul 2012Posted 21st Jul 2012
Samuel Windsor shoes from £35 + p&p great for work etc
Seems like a great deal for hand made shoes. I have been looking for new works shoes for a while and they are normally around £70 for poor quality ones.

Dreadful quality. Mine actually arrived mouldy! And had to use insoles because they were so uncomfortable. Then the stitching came apart. Avoid!


Can you actually buy any leather shoes that are made by a fully automated process, and therefore couldn't legally be described as "handmade" ? I bet these are as much, and no more so "handmade" as any other typical, off the shelf pair of leather shoes, but if they are in some way, then I bet it wasn't by well paid, or highly skilled workers.


Have bought their shoes in the past - not so special. Handmade? Maybe, but whereabouts on the planet I wonder.


To be fair what can you expect for £35. Sometimes things are abit to cheap.


30 day guarantee for handmade shoes!! Not very enticing!!

Samuel Windsor hand made Buffalo Boot - £29.95 delivered
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Posted 13th Nov 2011Posted 13th Nov 2011
Samuel Windsor hand made Buffalo Boot - £29.95 delivered
This is my first posting of a deal, so am quivering in me boots so to speak! Samuel Windsor hand made Buffalo boots. Their stuff is usually really nice quality. £25+ £4.95 stand… Read more

My husband has got several pairs of their boots and shoes and all have been of nice quality but each to their own I guess.


Also available on Amazon for £18.95 delivered Having read the reviews for some of their other shoes on Amazon though avoid like the plague!


How odd, I didn't notice that!

cadmus strange to have two different prices for the same boot :|


Nice, have some heat. I like these too...

Prestige Roma Shoe - Hand Stiched - £90 off - £25 @ Samuel Windsor
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Posted 7th Oct 2011Posted 7th Oct 2011
Prestige Roma Shoe - Hand Stiched - £90 off - £25 @ Samuel Windsor
£90 off original price. Other shoes available for £25 and shirts down from £60 to £15 "These beautiful Italian designed handmade leather shoes are the pride of the Samuel Windsor… Read more
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yes these look good on rrp saving -- be fooled


Black ones are not reduced -- they're full price £49.50.


look like "SECONDS" to me even the pictures show scratches and marks where they have been stitched, I'll think i'll pass on this one


"you get what you pay for" Samuel Windsor shoes are terrible I got a couple of pairs last year in a "deal" they are not even worth £25 Stay clear


I have bought 6 pairs of boots/shoes from them in previous sales and have always been very happy with the service and quality for a bargain price. Go for it.

Handcrafted Shoes - 2 Pairs for £50 @ Samuel Windsor Shoes
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Posted 29th Apr 2011Posted 29th Apr 2011
Handcrafted Shoes - 2 Pairs for £50 @ Samuel Windsor Shoes
Got an email from the company showing their latest offer which as the title says 2 for £50 (plus £4.95 post) Got to say these shoes are good quality and comparable to hight st pric… Read more

Quite smart shoes but the quality of the materials is not so good. Also on both pairs I bought the heel was cut quite low.


I have bought shoes with them and they were well made and reliable, very quick delivery


My brother and dad have used them before, they always seem to have some sort of offer going, but they are pretty well made shoes and deliver quick.


Never heard of em so ive just had a quick look on google and they seem to be the company supplying the promotions you find in newspapers. I will personally keep alternating between my Oliver Sweeneys and my Tesco Specials LOL

Handmade Leather Shoes | Two Pairs for just £40 @ Samuel Windsor
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Posted 14th Aug 2010Posted 14th Aug 2010
Handmade Leather Shoes | Two Pairs for just £40 @ Samuel Windsor
IF YOU WEAR A LOT OF SUITS (LIKE ME!!) YOU NEED SOME DECENT SHOES LIKE THESE TO SET IT OFF! Bought many shoes from this company before; they are superb! And this current deal is j… Read more

Shoes look good but are poor quality. Mine fell apart after 8weeks so not so cheap !. i complained and sent pictures and then sent shoes back, but surprise surprise they lost them. and havent heard anything. if you want a pair to look at buy them, if not buy elsewhere .


The shoes that I got look great, but leak in the rain, soaks get soaked


I ordered two pairs of shoes when they arrived they were of very poor quality. And they are messing me about with the refund now!!! Do not use this company.


DONT BUY!!!! I have just got off the phone with their customer service people... just like the review link above. They are as bad as everyone says. They have cocked up my order, cancelled half and now the shoes wont arrive for my sisters wedding this weekend. All the customer service guy could say was that unfortunately i will still be billed if i cancel my order due to half of it sitting waiting for dispatch, over a week late! Whilst the deal should be very good, the cost of sanity and hair loss is too much!


ordered some a year or so ago - worst shoes I ever bought! sent them straight back! The sales descriptions of these shoes in no way matches what you actually get. I occasionally pick up Jones Bootmaker shoes for £30-£40 a pair when they have sales and the Samuel Windsor cannot compare in any single way.

Samuel Windsor Handmade Leather Shoes rrp £100
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Posted 22nd Jul 2010Posted 22nd Jul 2010
Samuel Windsor Handmade Leather Shoes rrp £100
Samuel Windsor handmade italian leather shoes. Usually sell at £100, but are reduced to £35 for all sizes!
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Made in India


I have bought a bunch of shoes from them and the reports are accurate. The shoes look nice enough when brand new and they are not at all uncomfortable. However, I would describe the finish as 'paper thin'. It as is the shoe is covered in a very thin laminate and this creases/wears/scores exceptionally easily - very unlike any other solid, full leather shoe I have ever owned. So if you want to buy a pair of nice shiny shoes to wear on rare occasions and you are willing to just throw them out after a relative few wears then they do the job. If you want a good pair of shoes for ongoing wear - really, think again.


poor reports?you couldnt find any reliable reports?


£100 for them, doubt it iv seen £30 lambretta ones in windsors that are nicer than these


Heard poor reports of the quality of these shoes ..... but always happy to be proved wrong if someone has first-hand experience.

Samuel Windsor Handmade shoes £99.95 BOGOF
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Posted 6th Jul 2010Posted 6th Jul 2010
Samuel Windsor Handmade shoes £99.95 BOGOF
Samuel Windsor lace-up formal shoes and casual handmade shoes, painstakingly constructed by craftsmen from genuine premium-grade leather, will add a touch of class no matter what t… Read more
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Try using this website for these shoes: It looks to be the same shoes, but at £35 per pair for each of the classic range, instead of £99 and BOGOF.


Had these in the past, poor quality wore out very quickly.


Cold from me - soles wear through in no time and stitching goes. took last pair to cobblers who has a lot of work thanks to samuel windsor said the manufacturing method was sound but quality of materials poor.

Gentlemens Driving Shoe: Brown £24.95 delivered @ Samuel windsor  was £100
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Posted 25th Jun 2009Posted 25th Jun 2009
Gentlemens Driving Shoe: Brown £24.95 delivered @ Samuel windsor was £100
All designed to look good with formal or casual wear, Samuel Windsor handmade brown leather driving shoes are a vital addition to any man's wardrobe. Handmade with premium-grade na… Read more
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Excellent! Just what I need to get me home after a night out. ...Hang on a minute, how are they going to reach the steering wheel? :?


I always find driving in my high heels difficult these days these will be great. Will match my flat cap, goggles, clothes and scarf. What next ??????????????/


Do they do matching driving gloves?


these look very comfy and a great saving- voted hot


There are some nice shoes, in addition to these, in their end of line category - hot from me - thank you for taking the time to share your post with us - please ignore the cold voting ingrates who do their utmost to discourage people from posting good deals, just because they're not from Poundland and not their thing.

Samuel Windsor handmade tan chukka boots £20.00 (£24.95 inc P&P)
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Posted 1st Apr 2009Posted 1st Apr 2009
Samuel Windsor handmade tan chukka boots £20.00 (£24.95 inc P&P)
Just bagged myself a pair of these at a steal. They also do tan chukka square toe and some black ones. Excellent value as these are usually £50. Another all time classic favourite… Read more
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Depends on what you're after...check out


No idea - but looks good and for £20 I cannot go very wrong (errrm apart from them not fitting of course!). My colleague just ordered a pair too.


whats the quality like?

2 Pairs of quality leather shoes. 2 pairs for £60. Normally £99 per pair
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Posted 11th Jun 2007Posted 11th Jun 2007
2 Pairs of quality leather shoes. 2 pairs for £60. Normally £99 per pair
1st posting If it has been posted please delete 2 Pair of shoes for £60 (plus £4.95 P+P) Normally retail at £99 each Good products with a shoe tree,shoe horn,spare laces and sh… Read more

I've had 2 pairs of shoes from here and I thought they were good value for £30 a pair. I just think that some people think they are going to get £100+ value out of a £30 pair of shoes. I take a size 14 shoe so these shoes are fantastic value for a size that is so difficult to get hold of.


See post #8!


I ordered a pair after seeing Sunday Times advert.. They arrived on time . Not as good as my £90 pair from Jones, but good value I think. I bought the 'chukka' style,fully leather lined . After a couple of months wear they are looking 'better'. So don't expect £100 shoes but £50 shoes and you probably wont be disappointed . Paul.


This link was posted on MSE about this company:


I don't want cracked shoes in the first place!

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