Samurai Champloo Box Set £30.83 + Free Delivery @ dvd.co.uk
Samurai Champloo Box Set £30.83 + Free Delivery @ dvd.co.uk

Samurai Champloo Box Set £30.83 + Free Delivery @ dvd.co.uk

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Next cheapest is £41.99, so a bargain for anime fans.

Volume 01:
Mugen's a buck wild warrior - violent, thoughtless and womanizing. Jin is a vagrant Ronin - mysterious, traditional, well-mannered and very strong as well.

Volume 02:
No Cash! Mugen, Jin and Fuu need money fast. Fuu tries to model, but it turns out to be a trap.

Volume 03:
Money and blood! Whether a fake promissory note or an empty wallet, a variety of challenges face Mugen, Jin and Fuu in their struggle to survive.

Volume 04:
Every plan is perfect. At least, until it meets Mugen, Jin and Fuu! Mugen runs into a couple of childhood friends and gets talked into a plan to raid a merchant boat on the stormy sea...

Volume 05:
After all that's happened, fate brings Jin, Mugen and Fuu back together. They meet a mysterious man, Okuru, who is wanted for committing arson against his own village. And yet, Mugen identifies with him.

Volume 06:
Jin separates from Mugen and Fuu to travel with a beautiful and mysterious blind girl named Sara. But when Sara starts a brutal sword fight with Jin, he learns about her true identity... she is a ruthless assassin.

Volume 07:
In the moving series finale, Mugen, Jin and Fuu close in on Ikitsuki Island. Although the journey's been long and difficult, the three have made a lasting bond.

Special Features
Vol 01: Battlecry (Opening Theme) Promo Video.
Vol 02: Creditless Closing.
Vol 04: Conceptual Art Gallery.
Vol 05: Video Game Preview. Eye Catch Gallery - Conceptual Art Gallery.
Vol 06: Conceptual Art Gallery.
Vol 07: Video Game Preview. Eye Catch Gallery. Conceptual Art Gallery.


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Why cold? Next cheapest is £42. If you don't like anime don't vote cold to ruin it for those who do please.

Or if you can find this cheaper please post the link. That would be great.

Good price, probably my favorite anime ever or in the top 3 defo!
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