Samurai Warriors 4 Empires (PS4) - - £12.20 (Prime) £14.19 (Non Prime)

Samurai Warriors 4 Empires (PS4) - - £12.20 (Prime) £14.19 (Non Prime)

Found 6th Sep 2016
Empires provides an alternative look on the events depicted in Samurai Warriors 4, using the historical landscape as a setting for an exciting strategy-focused game. Players have the opportunity to create their own character and set up a game that starts them off in the lower ranks of the army and allows them to gradually progress to rule the entire land through their conquests.


Price is actually £12.15 now! I know these games are pretty repetitive but for some reason I love them. They're my real guilty pleasure. Ordered and thanks OP.

Now showing as £11.72 haha!

Damn HUKD strikes again at my wallet!

Just ordered a copy with a £2 voucher I had bringing it under a tenner so worth giving it a try as always liked the Dynasty Warriors series and this is supposed to be similar.

Heat added!
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