Samurai Warriors: Katana Wii £7.99 @ Shopto
Samurai Warriors: Katana Wii £7.99 @ Shopto

Samurai Warriors: Katana Wii £7.99 @ Shopto

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OK not the best game in the world, but worth 8 quid for the realistic sword swiping motion thingy.

Using an exhilarating first-person perspective, Samurai Warriors: Katana is based on the hugely popular Samurai Warriors series and delivers total arcade-style action right into your own home. Armed with your motion-sensitive Wii Remote, you'll journey back in time to do battle as a lethal samurai warrior. On each mission, legendary samurai and allies will serve as your guide. Prevent pirates from invading your ships, rescue maidens from a burning castle, and explore mysterious caverns stalked by ninjas. These and many more challenging missions require quick reflexes, fast thinking, and precision marksmanship.

On the battlefield ninja assassins will be poised to strike at your every turn, but with close-range and long-range weapons, you'll be well equipped for your counterattack. Combat gets up close and personal with the classic samurai sword, spear, and mighty war hammer, but you can still target enemy soldiers in the distance using a bow and arrow, a gun, and even a cannon.

Get moving! Be prepared to run and dodge your way past harrowing traps, ride on horseback and more

Armed with eight different weapons, fight endless waves of enemy samurai and ninja. Strike with your sword or spear, fire volleys with your bow or thunderous gun!

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