San Miguel 660ml bottles £1.25 at tesco

San Miguel 660ml bottles £1.25 at tesco

Found 26th Feb 2016
Great price for a very large bottle of San Miguel available at all tesco stores nationwide.
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Been this price for months.
Really sure I paid closer to £2 a bottle a few weeks ago
Been this price in ASDA for months
Always this price at Aldi
....not just for months
post a deal at regular price expect this to get chilly.


​Since the beginning of time.

Honestly though my favorite beer (going San Miguel, Stella, Cobra).
I think we should vote this one up not down - no-one likes a warm beer
Been buying this at Tesco for this price for ages
and at asda.
Asda . . . years

I think we should vote this one up not down - no-one likes a warm beer

​I have followed your plan. he is now in a positive figure (_;)
would be hot if it was the far superior Spanish brew as opposed to this inferior Northampton stuff
I'll stick to Aldi. Tesco sucks. Takes 18 mins to get in and out if no queue. Can be sat at home with one cracked open within half this time after i have sent the wife to Aldi
You can. Buy loads of cheap booze. Banks best bitter is 89p if anyone interested for 500MLK.
Incredibly this offer has now expired.

As pointed out above, these bottles have been £1.25 for ages and I've been buying them regularly. However, as of today, Tesco have jacked the price up to £1.99.

The bottles are still £1.25 in Asda though, so they should be reduced to this price in Tesco as well if you buy enough other items to qualify for the brand match.
only tesco seem to up the price on these. the last place i would go when stocking up!
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