Sandisk 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo £0.01 @ Sainsburys instore

Sandisk 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo £0.01 @ Sainsburys instore

Found 16th Jul 2010
Sandisk 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo With Memory Stick Duo Adaptor.
Was looking at my local Sainsburys for the 2GB deal posted earlier. The very helpful assistants ended up looking through a large drawer of assorted memory cards and pulled up a Sandisk 1GB card and asked if that was it. Whilst I said no the other assistant scanned the 1GB and said it had gone through as a penny!! I took the 1GB and they also found the 2GB so I ended up with 9GB (2 x 2GB and 5 x 1GB) for £6.05!! Good deal and working with the boys PSP birthday present.
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Very unlikely to be available @ this price anywhere.... IMO
sku code ?
Whose expired this and on what grounds??
No SKU code on the receipt, just says Sandisk 1GB Memory.
Number on the product says SDMSPD-1024-E10.
Will look up how to submit a picture for the usual idiots and doubters...........

If anyone can quickly tell me how to add a picture to the post I will. Thanks.
While I've no doubt you got them, the chances of anyone else ever getting any for this price are slim. And the 'very helpful' assistants bit made me laugh. In my local Sainbury's you're lucky to even find anyone to ask for help.
Thanks for your support Droid. Yes I do have them and have taken pictures of both product and receipt, just do not know how to upload them. As mentioned had 2 assistants being very helpful which is what usually happens at my local store. Just ask the customer help desk to search for Sandisk 1GB and look at the screen with them to see the Pro Duo version and if they have any in stock.

If anyone can quickly tell me how to add a picture to the post I will. … If anyone can quickly tell me how to add a picture to the post I will. Thanks.

Upload the pic to somewhere like photobucket, then post it here by typing a reply and clicking the 2nd button from the right (labelled picture), then just paste in the link.…jpg!
Hope I have done it correctly.....................................
Thank you very much Rizla01. You can't beat instant proof.
Time to unexpire Edi..............
i would say it is very unlikely for this to be in any other store, worth a check i suppose. the next best thing other than sku is the barcode, does the same thing when you want staff to check the item.
the way it was in the drawer could mean it has been there for years and has been discontinued a while ago hence the price.
when stock has been discontinued for a loooooooong time you will find prices drop to stupid prices, just a like a tv for £1.
Got to be worth a look for a penny though!! There were loads of differant kinds of memory in the drawer with red reduced stickers on the cards on display.
Any one had any luck????
I'm having fun pretending that the sun you bought for 20p is the one in the sky.

For that you can have some heat.
It was. You now owe me rent for the 2 hours you had today!
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