SanDisk 8GB Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive - quad pack £10.44 delivered at GizzmoHeaven

SanDisk 8GB Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive - quad pack £10.44 delivered at GizzmoHeaven

Found 8th Jan 2015
Pack of 4 Sandisk Cruzer Blade 8GB USB flash drives. Use coupon "BASKET5" to get the £10.44 price. Delivery included.
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BTW, for exactly the same price, you can buy 2x 16GB Cruzer Blade flash drives if you prefer fewer larger memory sticks.…tml
deal that mate, Sandisk are my choice of usb pens. Hot.
Good price! I bought 5 for 15.80 the other day so this works out way better heat added
I bought last time, not good quality
these drives are SUUUPER slow when compared to some usb 3.0 ,
And by super slow I mean like ~2-3mb/s writing speed only.
also they break easily.
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cheap for size of memory, and reasonably small to keep on keyring, but they are very slow.
the newer sandisk USB 3.0 fit (size of just the bit that goes in the PC) were going for £12 for 32gb in several place last week and are almost 10x as fast, so would be a better bet (even if you currently only have USB 2).
Good price but very slow and the plastic is awfully bendy and will not withstand much.
good price for the pack
Slow as a week in Skegness
Usual moaning comments then, If you want super fast, super quality, pay the price.
I personally think this is a good find, well done op.
I bought these about a month ago and they work great for what I wanted, cleanup and computer fixing software.
More for set and forget then constant read/write, but I'd rather spend £2 on a flash drive to just hold a recovery distro then a £10 on.
Plus if I lose one or have to lend it out, much lower loss.

Don't forget cashback
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Use BASKET5 for 5% off

Use BASKET5 for 5% off

Yup. That's what op say to do.

Yup. That's what op say to do.

Whoops, wasn't paying attention. Just remembered the code from my recent order with them.
Voted hot.
Phenomenally quick delivery from this company too.
Highly recommended e-tailer.
Perfect for music .. hot thanks.
Always handy cheers.
Not sure how this is a deal really, if you're paying more than about a fiver per 16gb, then you're either getting high speed or you're being a numpty.
Good price for USB 2.0, heat added, Thanks OP
If anyone wants 5, it works out ever so slightly cheaper…tml
Thanks I needed to get a few of these so decided to go for sandisk. ended up buying 8 instead of 4 (2 packs) Discount code was really helpful too
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