Sandisk 8GB Memory Stick Micro with MobileMate Micro reader £9.99 @ PCWorld
Sandisk 8GB Memory Stick Micro with MobileMate Micro reader £9.99 @ PCWorld

Sandisk 8GB Memory Stick Micro with MobileMate Micro reader £9.99 @ PCWorld

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Went into the Enfield branch of PC World today and thought this seemed a good price. Ideal for mobile phones. When I got a member of staff to double check the price he came back and said it was correct and that it must have been a mistake by Head Office and asked me not to buy them all.
My first post so any advice would be greatly received and please go easy on me !!!


good post!, if they asked me that i would have said tough tittie

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So tempted to go back but thought I would share it instead!!

available online to pick up instore, good availability

:thumbsup:Just ordered 2 - Heat added

nearest is 20 mins away:( adn OOS,

Always had SE phones, was surprised to find my new Aino takes MicroSD rather than M2....Are Sony dropping M2 in mobiles?

Yep! Well done OP! It seems like it's gonna get hot up in here.

Not bad at all for the more costly M2 format. A word of caution though, I find that these particular MobileMate card readers get very warm, so be aware of that.

Thanks good find. Heat & Rep:thumbsup:

Good deal, none available in Glasgow though/


available online to pick up instore, good availability

Depends where you live none near me :x available same price in Currys and Dixons but out of stock !!

i bought a couple of these for £30 a few months ago. i give them 10/10.

great to add to your keys . nice and small.

not bad at all, may have to pay a visit later :thumbsup:

Great price but little chance of finding one.

None available in:
Manchester Pinn Mill

The M2 can be used in a PSP as well (requires pro duo adapter).

I paid about £50 for this a year and a half ago when they were the biggest MicroSD card you could get.

Still goung strong and at this price even if you only use it as USB stick its still a good price. The adaptor is teeny weeny. Dont really kow about the speed but the convenience is fab.

None available in:

Notting Trinity Sq
Notting Castle Mead


St. Helens

Bristol Winterstoke

I could go on and on.
The only store I could find that have got any available is ENFIELD.

Great price if you're near the Enfield store but I won't be voting this hot because it's not generally available.

Couldn't find any in London.

I have one of the readers already as it is the quickest way to get music/files etc on and off my phone's Micro SD. These do get V hot though so don't leave them plugged into your USB port for too long.

PC World phoneed me up canceld as they had no stock Grrrrrrrrr :x


Always had SE phones, was surprised to find my new Aino takes MicroSD … Always had SE phones, was surprised to find my new Aino takes MicroSD rather than M2....Are Sony dropping M2 in mobiles?

I heard somewhere that they are phasing them out. Everything else uses microSD so I guess they're just getting with the times!

loads in Leeds

Just thought I'd mention that PCW reserve the right to NOT sell you something at prices that are advertised (see any of their promo magazines and the small-print). I paid a special visit there once for a 4gb USB stick and they wouldn't do it at the price in the mag. The moral is, don't make a special journey!

Got a couple after visiting 3 PC Worlds in London (including Enfield where they were some). It is quite a lot of effort for "hit or miss" stock level. It is a genuine reduction from £19.99 by £10. I saw a number of these printed tickets so the offer is genuine at all the store when they had stock. The offer item has a pro duo adapter as well as an M2 to USB mini adapter. However there are a lot of other M2's still at the original prices. Such as a Sandisk 8GB M2 on its case with no pro duo adapter and no USB adapter at £69.95.Definitely sold out as at 21:00 tonight: Tottenham Court Road, Enfield Town, London City. Possibly one or two at Staples Corner, Slough and Brentford...but this is according to the system today which is 24 hr old info as the computer stock count is updated nightly. With stock level low it is high probability that the stock count is not accurate anyway as it is +/-5 ish on average. I think at the start of today the large stores where they had stock has about 15 -ish on offer... so likely to be all sold out by end of day! What I leant today was that the computer system reported 19 when only 2 were infact physically available and none held reserved by others! However for the Kodak Pogo paper the system reported 2 whereas there were 13 plus another 6 of the 30s pack Pogo paper! So really pot luck... only worthwhile if you are going there anyway.

None for me, but 1 in central leeds...

Great price! I have two of these, and they're blazingly fast as pen drives (and very small too).

Very handy to put behind a Media Player or Flatscreen TV that takes a USB stick (Tesco's Technika for example).

could anyone kindly tell me does it go with Blackberry 9000?
the website does not give the picture nor description...

many thanks
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