Sandisk Cruzer Blade 8GB USB Flash Drive £12.99 @

Sandisk Cruzer Blade 8GB USB Flash Drive £12.99 @

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Keep your favourite files with you on the small and very portable SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB flash drive. Sleek in style and great in value, the SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB flash drive is the small, swift way to save, transfer and download your digital content from computer to computer, or take it on-the-go.

Simply pop your pictures, tunes and other fun files onto the SanDisk Cruzer Blade and start sharing with your family and friends. It's easy as can be, all on SanDisk's smallest flash drive made to keep in your pocket.


It doesnt say what flavour it is

Ordered, looks kinda cool..


is it fast?


is it fast?

Not if the pic off Sandisk's website is anything to go by..

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Any chance they got 'Best Value' and 'Best Performance' the wrong way round?

I'm just going by the names!

Sandisk Cruzer Blade definitely sounds faster than Sandisk Micro lol.

i have the one furthest left in the picture, it's very slow and not very robust so i would not take much from that chart


Any chance they got 'Best Value' and 'Best Performance' the wrong way … Any chance they got 'Best Value' and 'Best Performance' the wrong way round?

Pretty sure you're right. The two on the far left are also the oldest.

Does this thing not have anything to protect the USB connector then?

Well my 4GB micro can't even do Readyboost, so I wouldn't pay much attention to that chart!

Cold from me, there are a load of 8gb that are cheaper than the £13 price and no specs of the transfer speed makes me sceptical any performance difference is worth it. I got my 16gb U3 for only a couple of £ more a while ago

here a cool one…htm
ive got two very fast and very robust its got rubber all around it :thumbsup:

16Gb at MyMemory (plus Quidco?) for £20.99 if you need that extra capacity.…ive

or normal MicroSkin for £10.99


Not if the pic off Sandisk's website is anything to go by.

The picture you've pasted is only half the chart - there are another five products towards the "best performance" part, ending up with the Sandisk Ultra on the far left.

So I think we can safely assume that the performance of the Cruzer Blade isn't going to be stellar. Looks nice and compact though, so it might be of use to someone!

]Sandisk Cruzer Blade

if you want a fast usb drive, get the corsair voyager or patriot xt, i got couple of them at home. They are much faster than all the other ones everyones got. The partriot seems faster then the old corsair i have.

Asda.....have loads (leic branch)..of the one on the left in the pic, the type which as a slide away unit....they are 4gb.....and are £7..........they also are selling the sd cards in 4gb same price.......cheers al.......this is hot still.

Out of stock after saying it was in stock when taking my order.

ordered on the 8th, page still says order taken :x

just rang, they say its out of stock, and they will receive it within 28 days. Going to cancel

Bloody useless
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