Sandisk Cruzer Micro 2GB USB Flash Drive - with Readyboost and U3!!
Sandisk Cruzer Micro 2GB USB Flash Drive - with Readyboost and U3!!

Sandisk Cruzer Micro 2GB USB Flash Drive - with Readyboost and U3!!

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I know that there are cheaper 2GB flash drives out there, but this is a good deal considering that:

1) It is a well-known brand
2) It has U3 enabled, allowing you to run programs directly from the USB stick like Firefox and Skype and antivirus
3) It has ReadyBoost, which speeds up Vista systems with less than 1GB of RAM when plugged in
4) you're getting it from a reputable merchant

Compatible with XP, Vista, Mac OSX, and pretty much any operating system

Don't get conned into buying the older Cruzer Micro drives without U3 and ReadyBoost! The distinguishing feature is that the new ones allow you to slide the USB end into the drive itself, protecting it from harm and saving space.

Also, 18 nectar points with this order


good brand, works nice and quick. dead handy for keyring with retractable usb port.

the "great feature" U3 can be removed as suits, just google for u3 remove. i personally hate it

Great price, after removing U3 can also be pursuaded to work on a win98 PC by using a Kingston driver (no support on sandisk website for win98), no driver required with my XP machine

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Thanks for the tips!

Also found out that after uninstalling U3, you can install an open-source alternative, PortableApps. From what I hear its less annoying than the U3.

Yeah, I don't like U3 neither. The apps are overpriced and you get some silly virtual CD drive pop up when you plug it in.
Have a look at [url]www.portableapps.com[/url] if you want similar, but better, functionality on a flash drive

the 4 gig version of this drive is only £16.99 too


It too has readyboost and U3 - U3 is awful, it refused to work on my PC till i removed it, and have now got PortableApps as mentioned above - excellent! :thumbsup:

Had no problem with U3 here on W2000, XP or Vista, works everytime. Would prefer more free U3 apps though, so will check out the link, cheers guys.

Great little drive BTW, voted hot, 4GB even better... Mine's not Readyboost though as to old I think

Best bit is that you can encrypt the entire drive so if you lose it it is nt so worrying Anyone know if Portable Apps does similar ?

I think "Readyboost"-able just guarantees a good speed, suitable for adding a bit more cheap memory to Vista but nothing wrong with that in ordinary pendrive use.

U3 is partly designed for easy password-protecting the whole drive in case you lose it (other reason is to sell U3 software ;-)) but there's more choice in the free non-U3 portable apps. Easy to get rid of if you don't like it.

Hot. :thumbsup:

I got the 4Gb version from Play.com for £18.99 and love it. They are very, very resiliant, and having the U3 software is brill. It is overpriced on many drives but this price is reasonable. I've had no problems with U3, and find I have everything I need for the whole mobile computing stuff (at least as a windows user but more free apps would be nice.

I'm wasn't keen on the fact it has a "slider" retractable usb but it's very solid in this drive, and has the bonus that there are no caps to lose (on downside you do get pocket fluff in the connector and have to blow it clean sometimes) although I did find it a little on the stiff side initially, not to any vast extent, most people wouldn't notice but I have very dodgy thumbs and can apply hardly any pressure, so was a big niggle for me. It's eased off with use now so is fine.

The synch software that comes on is is poor, but the free trial version of migo is loads better for what I need (the cruzer stuff only lets you auto back up windows USER data ie stuff on desktop and the stuff in My.... folders, not other files on the hard disk; but no outlook on the free migo version, which might be a prob for some - switch to a webmail!). Backing up my data is sooooo easy, and the virtual desktop for when I'm on other computers is dead useful.

You get pre-approved downloads on the site in the U3 launcher, some aren't much use, (easy to uninstall if you want to try tho'; tip only try one or 2 at a time or the menu gets cluttered with useless stuff) the useful must haves IMHO are: Trillian (can use several messaging services at once via just one application), Mozilla (preloaded i think), and Quickphrase.
Webaroo is good if you don't always have internet access as you can back up useful website data (can auto synch on connection to get updated versions), and if you end up fixing probs on friends and families computers, or have your own, 123 Spyware free, and CleanMyRegistry are useful.

The Mozilla is a godsend, if you hate IE, when using other peoples computers as you don't have to install it if they don't have it or resort to IE, plus you can keep your bookmarks and autofill and password data on Mozilla if you use the U3 version all the time, and it's not left for others to use.

Can't comment on ReadyBoost as not a windows Vista user.

It's really easy to use, so if the U3 stuff sounds complicated, don't be put off.
Without the U3 it's a good solid pendrive; with it it's my data peace of mind, everything (not my music and film collections - too big) I need backed up and with me and easy to find (same place as on my own computer via virtual desktop and synch software).
I love mine!

USB pen drives are fine until your USBSTOR file gets corrupted (happens frequently in Vista) and then it starts asking you for drivers everytime you plug in the USB drive that you went and had to install the last time you used it...frustrating to say the least.

Just FYI, this same drive can be bought at Play.com for £8.99, with free postage. Amazon want £5.01 P&P for this thing (wow), so the Play deal is considerably better.
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