Sandisk Cruzer USB drives 16gb 3pk £2 Asda Newmains

Sandisk Cruzer USB drives 16gb 3pk £2 Asda Newmains

LocalFound 30th Jun 2017
Bargain for 3 16GB flash drives. I know there have been numerous similar deals lately but these just appeared in my local store. Also got 128GB for £12
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Rocking horse stuff comes to mind but eh great if national
Picked up 2x individual ones for £2 each at Huddersfield this week. Last ones though unless they've put more out.
None in Halesowen. They did have some last week though I grabbed a pack last week and the rest were gone by the next day.
I never seem to find these deals in Bristol.
aargh. was there last night
£20.97 in my local, gutted
By the looks of it Asda is switching to Toshiba only. Mt local Asdas used to have SanDisk and Toshiba while now it's just toshiba.
Well found, Dekemite. Didn't even know there was an Asda in Newmains (grew up in Wishaw). Got the card of three for £6 in Irvine (£20.97 in Ayr). USB2.0, not 3.0, but still useful for giving stuff to folk when you know you probably won't get the stick back. Wish either Irvine or Ayr had the 128GB SD-XC - could have used them.

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Toshiba have bought Sandisk.
Hope they make a better product than Sandisk used to be.
Sandisk once told me that the SD card I bought from Asda was not genuine after complaining it was crap.
But even Toshiba don't make the TVs that have their badge on anymore.
Price only in north of the country .
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