Sandisk Extreme III 8GB CompactFlash - £5.50 @ Jessops

Sandisk Extreme III 8GB CompactFlash - £5.50 @ Jessops

Found 30th Dec 2009
Collect in store only.

Extreme III is the exceptional, unbeatable best-in-class solution for high profile professional photographers. As the elite flash memory cards available on the market, Extreme III has extremely fast read/write speeds. This line provides the durability and high-speed quality demanded for serious photography.

SanDisks award-winning technology solidifies the strength of the Extreme III family of high-performance flash cards.

* Designed to meet the critical speed and performance needs of serious professional photographerslets you quickly capture, view, upload and transfer large image files.
* Ideal for demanding photo shoots under severe weather conditionsheat, cold, wind, rain, snow, etc.
* Durable, reliable and thoroughly testedtemperature tested (heat and cold); shock and vibration tested (industrial-grade RTV included for CompactFlash).


good price but no stock anywhere!!!

Original Poster…tml

The trick to finding these is hoping that you are near a store with the clearance stuff and only searching for 1 item.

Once you find a store with 1 item nearby, increase the quantity. Hope that helps!

Checked all stores for Hull and surrounding area. No stock :(.

I managed to r&c when they were £22...on colection loh and behold an extreme card 60mb/ posted by the staff know ???.......:w00t:

*BEWARE* - I was in Jessops on Saturday and they have a notice stating that these cards will only work with certain brands. I can't remember which brands but while I was ther someone came in to return one.

jessops site is having a crashtastic nervous breakdown


3rd Jessops deal posted on here that has had zero stock at my local.

1 in carlisle.

None anywhere as far as i can see,


1 in carlisle.

doubt it is really there - tried twice with these and both times they didn't have the item instore - their stock checker is pants

I got 2 from Reading this morning. Reserved them last night @ £20 each. Collected them today for £5.50 each.

They didnt have any other extreme III cards in the store or I'd have had them. Yes, I am greedy but meh

It probably was there in a basket in the store waiting for someone to buy it.....
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