Sandisk Extreme III 8GB Flash Memory Card £29.99 @ Dell
Sandisk Extreme III 8GB Flash Memory Card £29.99 @ Dell

Sandisk Extreme III 8GB Flash Memory Card £29.99 @ Dell

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Been looking for a new memory card and was impressed with Dells price on this, free delivery as well. This card writes at 20mb per second as opposed to other cards who are cheaper but only 6mb per second.


yeh not a bad price, 20 quid cheaper than play

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Not a Sandisk tho?


Transcend one for £11.99 … Transcend one for £11.99 http://www.7dayshop.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=777_6&products_id=104378Or Play badged one for £13.99 http://www.play.com/Electronics/Electronics/4-/5984413/Play-com-8GB-SDHC-Class-6-Memory-Card/Product.htmlOr a kingston one for £11.29 http://www.7dayshop.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=777_6&products_id=102738All class 6 too but without the USB reader but I'm sure to find one for less than £17-18 quid

i know these are all class 6 but i doubt they will have the same actual read/write speeds as the sandisk. i'll be happy if you can prove me wrong though.;-)

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The Kingstone writes at 6mb per second as opposed to 20mb per second Sandisk :thumbsup:

I wouldn't use anything else in my DSLR other than genuine Sandisk (not the fakes you find on eBay) :thumbsup:

i have a kingston class 4 micro sdhc that records 1080p on my canon sx1 however it struggles to keep up with continuous shooting 4 frames per second at 10megapixel. the sandisk might not be needed by most users but if you're shooting high res pics rapidly you will notice the difference, imo.

cheapest price by 5 quid i reckon. voted hot.


I wouldnt use genuine sandisks ever again after problems with their 2Gb … I wouldnt use genuine sandisks ever again after problems with their 2Gb SD cards which they took ages (8 months) to admit their fault and that they were not quite conforming to SD protocols, All they eventually did was replace the item with a fixed card (8 months later when the price was about an eight of the price I'd paid!)As stated I use the Play class 6 in my Fuji s8100 and I shoot at higher than 4 frames a sec with nop problems. So I must state the price premium for this is extortionate in my opinion.

i believe the fuji s8100 shoots at 6fps at 5mp up to 33 shots whereas i was talking about high res pics ie higher than 10mp (or RAW format) and true continous shooting ie take as many pics as you want.
just because it's good enough for your camera does not mean it's good for all.

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Couldnt agree more Zurich. I had the Fuji 8100 which at the time suited my budget and photography abilities but have upgraded to a digital SLR and its a whole new upmarket ball game. Unfortunately despite this card being a good deal for what it is in a top end market, v2drinkers thinks that a kingstone (check there website and is only guaranteed for 6mbs per second) is better than a Sandisk 20mb per second even when taken at 12 megapixels. The only way you can get the amount of photos that she claims on that card with that camera is if the pixel rate is on 2 or 3, I should know as I take sporting photos and continious shooting is an everyday norm.
Its a shame that someone who is so blinkered has put a dampener on a genuine deal. Never mind.
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