SanDisk Extreme SDHC UHS-1 32GB Card Upto 60MB/s £13 @ Tesco INSTORE

SanDisk Extreme SDHC UHS-1 32GB Card Upto 60MB/s £13 @ Tesco INSTORE

LocalFound 1st Dec 2014
SanDisk Extreme SDHC UHS-1 Card 32GB

Speed up to 60MB/s Class 10 '4K Ultra HD' and the barcode is 619659122850. Price was £13

There was also lots of other slower ones (Ultra) at similar or more.

Just watch out as this is also on shelves (still an excellent deal) but has slower speeds marked on it:
SanDisk Extreme SDHC UHS-1 Card 32GB Speed up to 45MB/s Class 10 'Full HD Video' and the barcode is 619659064556. Price was still £13 but obviously not quite so quick but still a better card than the basic/ultra for your money.

Hoping it isn't a wild goose chase as I have had a couple from different (local) Extra Stores and I would assume it is national as a lot of stock reduced. (Just to clarify there were none left in Southampton West Quay Home Store earlier as I had the last)
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Good deal for instore if you can find. I ordered the mymemory 32gb earlier for £12.99 which will help people who cant find this in store.
It is deffo national if your store has stock.
Already posted.

Already posted.

so i presume you spammed it then? cos its still here
I picked up 3 but thats all there was, I had to go in 4 days running after finding the shelf empty at the beginning of the week...
I can send my seemingly fakes back to amazon now I'd forgotten I ordered them for Summer holiday DOH!! hopefully they'll take em back no problem as yet again they fail the H2testw program yet again
All from amazon direct i had 3 fakes, returned for 3 good cards, ordered another 3 whilst discussing the fakes with them and and got fakes again, but had ordered lexar pro instead (expected amazon to cancel the second batch of sandisk) so purchased all 6 in the end without realising just before Holiday.. found the second set the other day and i think they are fakes again... can't believe amazon direct are selling the fakes but thats what the program says and my eyes, card and packaging numerous differences..

Tesco ones are sweet.
Found this in Middlesbrough, Coulby. Got the last one, but more stock coming Tuesday apparently and manager confirmed it was a National deal and not clearance. 32GB same price as the 8GB on the shelves!
yes I picked up a couple .. i suspect this is a tesco error as it looks like its supposed to apply to the normal extreme ones ... decent real world write speeds >25mb/s which is the important one .. read speeds are not that important but >75mb/s in my case

get em while u can especially as there are so many fake ones flying around from marketplace sellers
Is this still on? I checked today and apparently they weren't in stock in three different Extra stores (Beckton, Lea Valley, Cheshunt)
Picked up 2 Bromborough, Wirral store. Lots of different sizes available at bargain prices.
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