SanDisk Micro ULTRA® SD Memory Card with Adapter- 64GB Class 10 £29.99 @ boots

SanDisk Micro ULTRA® SD Memory Card with Adapter- 64GB Class 10 £29.99 @ boots

Found 10th Jan 2015
Product description

Maximise the performance of your camera or camcorder with the SanDisk Ultra microSD memory card.

Ideal for compact to mid-range point-and-shoot cameras, this versatile microSD card comes with an SD™ card adapter for compatibility with SD-enabled devices, such as cameras, camcorders, and laptops.

With its exceptional data transfer speeds, the card captures photos twice as fast as ordinary memory cards. Ordinary microSDHC cards offer up to 5MB/s write speed. 1 megabyte (MB)= 1 million bytes. and supports Full HD Full HD video(1920x1080x30fps) and HD video support may vary based upon host device, file size, resolution, compression, bit rate, content and other factors.

Key Features:
• Twice as fast to catch your best shot. Featuring Class 10 for Full HD video (1080p). Waterproof, X-ray proof, temperature proof, and shockproof.
• Includes an SD card adapter


excellent for all the new linx owners!

isn't integral 64gb class 10 from mymemory for 19.99 a better deal ?

Your better off waiting for the Samsung deals for around 19.99 or 20 I recently bought two from amazon. They were posted on here before.

I'd steer away from these if you have a galaxy s3. ive had 2 and both started well but then caused problems with my phone. this is a fault acknowledged by sandisk. it may apply to other samsung phones too, I can't quite recall. a quick google should find corroboration of this.

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I think you could have bought the clone one's with less memory


Well overpriced, these are regularly about £21-ish.

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r u sure for 64gb please send me a link
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