Sandisk MP3 Player Sansa Clip 2Gb Black With Radio feature included - £23.39 @ Amazon

Sandisk MP3 Player Sansa Clip 2Gb Black With Radio feature included - £23.39 @ Amazon

Found 12th Jan 2009
Gets good reviews thought i would take the plunge looked pretty good i ordered the 8gb version for 39.99


I got one of these for my Birthday last week and i think it's great - the music quality is excellent and it's really easy to use.

The 8gb sansa clip is £39.99 at currys

I got my husband one of these for xmas and he thinks it's great. HOT


The 8gb sansa clip is £39.99 at currys

You beat me to it! My gf has the 8gb version and it's excellent.

Superb little player, got the 8gb off amazon for the £40 mark.

ordered this middle of december 2008 from amazon and it was 19-99 glad i got it when i did.
still a great price for this superb mp3 player
voted hot !!

Wow Superflyblues - what a lucky girlfriend you have ;-)


Amazin lil thing this! HOT deal. Well done

I remember a time when people fort tape walkmans were the nuts lol


This small, portable SanDisk Sansa MP3 player won’t play photos or videos and our tests found that it suffers from poor-quality sound through the included earphones. We found it tricky to use, although uploading files can be done quickly. Overall, it lacks versatility, it can only really do one thing and doesn’t even do that brilliantly – but it may be just what you want when you’re exercising.

Lightweight and small, with its integrated clip this is a device that is best suited to wearing when exercising, such as jogging, especially since it features a built-in FM radio.

It has 2GB of memory to store audio, but our tests found that the included headphones delivered poor sound quality, making it extremely sharp. We found that it also plays audio at levels above the recommended sound pressure limit, so it could potentially damage your ears.

With a tiny screen display, we found that it was fiddly to use. The fact that it doesn’t come with a manual doesn’t help, either (you have to download it). It has a reasonable battery life, though, and it’s quick to charge.

As well as the FM radio there’s a sleep timer and a voice-record function, and you can also use the player to record from the radio.

Uploading files was nippy, and it’s compatible with Windows XP and Vista but you won’t be able to use it with Mac or Linux operating systems.

Pros: Small and portable and comes with clip so good for runners, quick to upload files and charge, reasonable battery life, comes with voice recorder

Cons: Poor sound quality, small screen, hard to use, not compatible with Mac or Linux, exceeds recommended sound pressure limit, no included manual
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