Sandisk Sansa C240 1GB £12.99   postage

Sandisk Sansa C240 1GB £12.99 postage

Found 30th Mar 2008Made hot 30th Mar 2008
A simple 1GB player, colour screen, FM radio LI ion battery and Micro SD expansion slot (no video unless you rockbox it)

My first post!


Good price for a basic MP3 player.

Also, what's rockbox? Can't believe there's a techie term I've never heard of!
EDIT: NVM, looked it up. Custom firmware for MP3 players, cool.


Good price for a basic MP3 player.Also, what's rockbox? Can't believe … Good price for a basic MP3 player.Also, what's rockbox? Can't believe there's a techie term I've never heard of!

Rockbox is open source firmware:

Direct link:…9d2

Description Features
Plays MP3, WMA, WAV and protected WMA DRM
By capacity, holds large number of MP3/WMA songs and hours of playback (see above capacity matrix)
Affordable, compact MP3 Player with color screen
- Color screen (up to 64,000 colors) displays cover art and photo thumbnails
Easy-to-use interface for sorting and playing back your music
Supports Subscription Music Stores
High-speed USB2.0 for fast and easy file transfer
Rechargeable & Removeable Battery
MicroSD™ Slot
Minimum System Requirements

Windows XP
Windows Media Player 10+
CD-ROM drive
USB 2.0 port required for hi-speed transfer

What's: rockbox it ???

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chers for the direct link - not sure why mine didn't work

big-boy - rockbox is open source softtware for mp3 players

According to the rockbox page, this player isn't supported, and even if it was, you'd need to know which firmware version it has (v1 can be rockbox'd, v2 can not).

Still worth £13 for a basic player though.

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I got my rockbox info from the RH column here…box

I am no expert though

HI, And only £9.99 if you dont want the radio.. not sure if its free post ? Like the philips one for sale on amazon for £17.. martyn, rated hot mate.

I might buy this, what is it like? Anything similar worth looking at? Whats the point in rockbox? Does it need it?

JOHN, depends what ou want to use it for . like as it got enough gb for one thing ? iv only got the philips 1gb coming from amazon at £17... cos iv already got a couple of others by samsung + archos... check amazon out also. and its free post. and its easy to use, drag + drop with the windows etc. martyn

Used to have a created Zen 5gb. Size will be fine i knwo that, but i jsut want it for car, bed, walking etc. Is it going to break, is it easy to select songs etc.


Does anyone know the max size of the microSD that can be used with the Sandisk player?

John, not sure to be honest, i use the samsung k3 ones, got a 1 + 4 gb of these.. touch screens etc.. and very slim. but more cash, ha. expect the philips 1gb which should be here today from amazon , is pretty much like this sandisc one, easy to use, not as slim, but ok for what you said you need it for, i tend to put a style of music on mine, i.e all jazzy stuff on the 4gb, then a mix on the 1gb, and when this philips comes, poss all modern soul stuff, (70s, 80s ) etc. dont download, just drag + drop from what iv put on the p.c cheers mate.

so this will take the mirco sd cards to confirm? easily expand the drive space .

do a search on rockbox and you will see a few people using it on this player - some having various issues though. I have the express version of this player with a 4gig micro SD (had to upgrade firmware to get it working) and have been very happy with it. Good price, heat added!

I got one of these from Big Pockets, it was a brand new V1 version. Haven't so far heard of anyone getting a ver 2 but you never know. Despite what someone else said Rockbox does work on this and I have loaded it on and I'm using a 2Gb Micro SD card in there as well. Sound quality when using my own headphones is very good.

For the money it's well worth it. Voted hot

im fascinated by this rockbox suff. is it compliated and hard to use, will it mess my mp3 player up? do yu have to be a computer whizz to work it??

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you can download an emulator from their website to see

It looks like generally adds functionality but doesn't "look fancy"

No it certainly isn't fancy looking, in fact much worse than the original firmware but it does add alot of functionality . So it's horses for courses but you can still get to boot with the original firmware as it doesn't replace it and it's very easy to remove.

Not bad

excellent deal, just received mine - added rockbox and a 4gb micro sd i had and it works perfectly. 1 bit of advice is make sure you follow the instruction on the rockbox site - quite easy if you do!
so for around £27 i have a 5gb mp3 player that plays every format under the sun - including video and is expandable to any size micro sd card i can afford - the games that are added are a bit simple but for free you cant go far wrong, thanks to the op and heat added!!
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