SanDisk Sansa Express 2Gb MP3 Player with expandable microSD slot - £24.99 @ Amazon !
SanDisk Sansa Express 2Gb MP3 Player with expandable microSD slot - £24.99 @ Amazon !

SanDisk Sansa Express 2Gb MP3 Player with expandable microSD slot - £24.99 @ Amazon !

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Worlds First direct connect USB MP3 player with microSD expansion slot
microSD slot to expand your capacity and provide portability of music
Direct USB connector-No cable needed
New sleek, compact design
Built in Mic for Voice Recording
Four-line, bright OLED screen
Simple to use controls for fast device interface navigation
Supports MP3, WMA, Protected WMA, WAV, and Audible files
15-hour, rechargeable lithium polymer battery life
Supports most subscription music stores


Good deal £3 cheaper than mymemory.com and inclusive of postage. An alternative is to buy the 1GB version at £20 and put the £4 price difference into purchasing future 2GB, 4Gb microSD, amazon.co.uk/San…1-2 which is £2 more expensive than mymemory.com

This is a tip :-

I bought the 1GB version from mymemory.com as they do the 10% Sandisk discount from time to time and I have a few 1Gb and 2GB microSD around anyway. This microSD can be inserted into the expansion slot. So the 1GB is more cost effective for me as a single microSD can be used in or outside of the Sansa Express. Also many mobile phones take microSD so the use is more versatile.

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Thanks for the info splender

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fantastic deal, great find Edi. Voted hott + repped. i just bought a Sony 8gb mp3 player yesterday from play.com for £99.99 because i couldn't find a good brand with a cheap mp3 player, next day, you find this! lol

as usual great stuff Edi, i purchased a 4gig Veho before christmas for the size but its not been working out for me as it has no display - you try next tracking through 4gb of songs to find the one you want!
I am getting me one of these.

I ordered this on Monday and received it today, Ive only used it for 40minutes but I think its really good, my dad even commented on how good it looks, Sandisk have good support for there products as well, there has already been four firmware updates since this was released.

great spot cheap price and expandable with cheap memory...

They will be giving them away soon! HOT!

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Thanks for the comment / feedback guys

Many thanks to OP for finding this. It is a nice piece of kit. Some reports suggest a firmware upgrade is needed to overcome some problems.

Have found some useful links which will help anyone who has one of these. There is the official SanDisk Sansa forum:

There is also the anythingbutipod forum. I really recommend that you read this thread:
anythingbutipod.com/for…9 :gift: ;-)
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