SanDisk Sansa m250 2Gb MP3 Player - just £13.99 @ Amazon !
SanDisk Sansa m250 2Gb MP3 Player - just £13.99 @ Amazon !

SanDisk Sansa m250 2Gb MP3 Player - just £13.99 @ Amazon !

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Lightweight flash memory digital audio player--weighs just 1.5 ounces
2 GB memory holds 32 hours of MP3 and 64 hours of WMA audio
Microsoft PlaysForSure support for compatibility with wide range of online stores and subscription services
Integrated microphone and voice recorder
Powered by single AAA battery, for up to 19 hours of usage

If you order to the value of over £15 you don't have to pay postage.
I've seen these in Asda for over £21 for only 1Gb memory,
Got this one for my son and sound and recording are pretty good.


Good find & welcome to HUKD schnorrer

Pls make sure to add direct link & also the price in the title..


Great price but worth reading the reviews:


Don't waste your time with it, even if you are very computer literate and technically minded this thing is an enigma! I appreciate that many people have bought them and they work fine but believe me it is hit and miss whether or not you get a good one. The software architecture is so bad that there is a chance it will conflict with your system,and I doubt whether Sansa do any beta testing or have hordes of computer geeks fixing bugs etc. for compatibility issues.

Seriously save your money and buy a decent player from a reputable company such as Creative or Apple. These companies make great quality products with decent technical support to boot. It will save you a lot of confused frustration.

I have 1GB version and I strongly disagree with the comment above. How computer literate you must be to connect one end of USB cable to the player and another one to PC, wait for it to be recognized (a minute or so?) and then just drag and drop files into the player?

My only criticism is that it feels cheap (which it is) and buttons are not of the best quality. But then, it is OK for the price. Voted hot.

Hmmm yea after readin the reviews i wouldnt trust it, great price though u gotta admit.

Lookin for a decent MP3 player or Ipod too

I have ordered one will let you know how it goes.
It seems to me all the problems in the review are to do with the firmware. I would recommend as soon as you get it go to the sandisk website and use their "updater" to get the latest firmware. It's what I intend to do.

I bought the 1 Gb and 2 Gb version at Christmas, both work fine....no problems at all! Great Value:)

I've had two of the 2gb versions. They work fine...


I've had the 1GB version for an year now.No problems at all. Battery lasts forever.

ordered, i have an ipod video, but this is good when i cant be bothered to load all my songs/vids via itunes, these are quicker, cheers

I have 2 of them. They work fine. Nobody knows it is not an ipod when it is in your pocket.

I got 4 year old DD the 1GB one for christmas. It's great. Miles easier than DH's ipod, fiddling around with itunes. As mentioned already, just plug it in, computer recognised it after a few seconds, then from windows media player, just drag and drop onto the device. Doddle. And DD can find her way around it no problem, well, apart from the fact that she sometimes struggles with the reading lol, but it is robust enough for her so I'm very pleased. Saves me having to listen to High School Musical anyway!

I have this one and have no problem with it at all, very pleased with it.

Hi all,

I bought one of these at the weekend and I agree with the above. It's a good inexpensive player, easy to use if you just want the basics. The only problem I've had is with deleting things off of it again. I'm very computer literate and have tried (as well as my colleagues) to get various PCs (running Vista and XP with various versions of Windows Media Player) to recognise that there are songs on the device using various software to no avail so I think I'm going to send it back.

However if you aren't likely to be deleting things then it's a great deal! I only noticed because I accidentally copied the mp3's over in the wrong order and wanted to rectify it. (I was filling it with Japanese lessons and wanted them in order.) Just something to bear in mind

Laura x

Just got mine all is working well

To update,
Had mine for a while now is absolutely excellent value for money. I updated the firmware straight away, very easily. Had absolutely no problems, sounds great very reliable and uses v little battery power. Will probably buy some for the kids.
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