SANDISK Sansa View 8 GB MP3 Player £56 + 4.95 del @ Pixmania
SANDISK Sansa View 8 GB MP3 Player £56 + 4.95 del @ Pixmania

SANDISK Sansa View 8 GB MP3 Player £56 + 4.95 del @ Pixmania

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Been doing my research on the web for a new MP3 player.
The Sansa View comes out very highly rated by those in the know.
This is the 8GB version, but the good thing is that the player has an expansion slot for an SD card and technology and prices the way they are you can add another 4, 8, 16 or soon 32GB to it.

The Sansa Fuze 8gb which is the smaller version is currently £74.99 at Play.com so this seems like a pretty good deal.

First timer - please be gentle


Not sure about current prices but it's a brilliant mp3 player, I have the 16GB Sansa View and it compares to the ipod classic very well if you prefer a flash based player instead of HDD based player.

One of it's best features is the additional slot for a micro SD card letting you easily increase the 8GB.

Going cold due to those people not 'in the know'. I suspect it's due to the common hatred for Pixmania, rather than the deal itself, which is excellent.

I put in a review for those that want to know more.

thats a very good review - I think I pretty much agree with all of it

next time someone asks me I'll just send them a link to it!


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Darn it!
I suppose you can't blame everyone for being philistines just because they've been rolled over by the iPod marketing machine.
I wouldn't normally soil my fingers navigating to Pixmania but a good deal is a good deal.
At least there are a few who appreciated it...

And the 16GB version is £84 at the same place too.

great mp3 player, generally viewed as THE best sq regardless of cost for a dap along with the cowon offerings.
Amazon do the same price delivered give or take a few pence. Which is the cheapest price you can find it, and believe me I've looked everywhere.

Just to add, it has expandable memory via mirosd, but unlike the creative zen/x-fi music on the card is fully incorperated into the library. This makes a huge difference in my opinion. The Cowon D2 also integrates from cheaper SD cards, and has the benefit of navigating from folders aswell as ID3 tags, sansa only used ID3 tags. BUT the cowon is around £120 for 8gb....

It also handles lossless and audable.

As mentioned previously by others, those in the know buy these or cowons. Just read any of the audiophile websites.

good lord, ignore my previous post, for some reason I thought this was for a sansa fuze... mods feel free to delete both my posts. View doesn't have the same sound quality. Go for the fuze.
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