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SanDisk Ultra 1TB microSDXC Memory Card + SD Adapter with A1 App Performance Up to 120 MB/s, Class 10, U1 £99.99 @ Amazon

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Price drop !!

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  • Ideal for Android smartphones and tablets, and MIL cameras
  • Up to 1TB to store even more hours of Full HD video
  • Class 10 for Full HD video recording and playback
  • Up to 120MB/s transfer speeds let you move up to 1000 photos in a minute
  • Load apps faster with A1-rated performance

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  1. Avatar
    great size but write speeds are very low for these maybe 20-30mb/s, amazon microsd tb deal was better value..
    Which one ?
  2. Avatar
    Crazy that tiny little thing can hold 25 or so blu ray movies
    It takes hours to write this 25 movies, this card is extremly slow. Good for capacity but terrible writing speed around 30 MB/s.
  3. Avatar
    I can’t see the deal anymore, has it expired?
    looks like its back - fyi
  4. Avatar
    A lot of the (positive) reviews on the listing are for lower capacity cards, not the 1tb advertised! (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Never thought I'd live to see the day.

  6. Avatar
    this is what the steam deck has been asking for
    Decent price, hot deal if it suits your usage requirements. An A2 card would would be much better in a steam deck for updates and installs. Many comparisons on you tube.
  7. Avatar
    Is this one too slow for steam deck or switch?
    I have two Sandisk 128gig cards, one is a U1 and the other is a U3, and i have noticed when installing in the background while playing a game that with the U1 card i will get pausing in the game when it is verifying the install, but when i checked this with the U3 card i have never had that happen, i did check this in panic when i thought the pausing might be my new steam deck, but it was indeed the U1 card.

    But i am waiting to grab a 256 or 512 SSD on hopefully the BFriday sales myself. :-)
  8. Avatar
    Wow I bought my first one for £100 for 256mb
    And it was ungodly at the time
  9. Avatar
    Paid £88.99 2 months ago

  10. Avatar
    Just ordered for steam deck but not sure if I should cancel and get nvme or faster card. Downloads are slow already. Anyone got one of these and can confirm?
    Search you tube for 'here is the best sd card for your steam deck. and why'

    Long story short, this is a great deal but A2 cards are better for steam deck.
  11. Avatar
    What's the write speeds for this and why is it blanked out lol.... Is it that bad?

    That'll be the Extreme version.
  12. Avatar
    That's almost 1500 CDs
    or 1000s 720i movies on something the size of a fingernail.

    When Star Wars came out in the cinema the film used at the cinema would fill the back of a van!!
  13. Avatar
    For everyone going on about the data density, give this video a watch, it really puts it into perspective
    (Warning though he's a bit overenthusiastic )
    Great video :-) As an (almost) 45 year old human I've used most of the storage media from floppy disc onwards. It's crazy to think how far data storage has progressed and how affordable its become. (edited)
  14. Avatar
    Was thinking for my Steam Deck...I think I'll stick with my A2s and wait for black Friday. It is a great deal though. I just hate how slow it is. For the initial downloads and then updates. I have multiple A2 256s I just switch out.
  15. Avatar
    It's been £11 cheaper before on prime day. But if you don't want to wait for Black Friday. This is a good biting point. Perfect for steam deck. Don't worry about the write speeds, once you've installed the games it doesn't matter
    Filling that card will be rough though
  16. Avatar
    Tempting for the steam deck
    Wrong card for the Steam Deck
  17. Avatar
    Gotta love a bit of co mingling stock roulette!
    As an Amazon marketplace selller I can confirm that these are an 'Amazon Barcoded' ASIN so marketplace sellers have to individually barcode their FBA stock so there is (or should be) seller specific stock ownership and no co-mingling.
  18. Avatar
    Ordered for my steam deck 😁
    But you could have bought three 512gb's for £5 more? Not so sure this is a good deal...

    Ok the deal has expired, but maybe it will come back!
  19. Avatar
    I picked up the 512gb deal on the ultra card last week. Like others have said; the write speeds are kinda slow. BUT the read speeds are superb so it’s perfect for the steam deck, which is why I bought it. Just takes a little longer to get thing onto it
  20. Avatar
    I wouldn’t be investing that much money in a U1 card personally. But if the speeds suit, go for it…
  21. Avatar
    Quite useful for adding to my Microsoft surface Pro 7 which only has 256 GB of internal memory. Ideal for backing up my 1TB onedrive folder for on device storage. (edited)
  22. Avatar
    Got this for my Deck and it’s perfect.

    Bought the 64GB Deck.
    Took the 512GB SSD out of my wife’s laptop (Dell Inspiron with a 2230 sized SSD in it).

    Replaced her laptop with a cheap SATA SSD - all she does if FB, listen to music and such on it and she was fine with it.

    Got this for the SD card slot on my Decl.

    I think I did well. Thanks OP!
    Sounds like you are winning at life. It would have been cooler if you'd removed your wife's ssd and replaced it without her knowledge.
  23. Avatar
    1tb fingernail size storage. I thought i would never see the day...

    RIP gaming PC towers.
    Makes you wonder what there’ll be in another 10 years. I can’t see the average person needing more than 1tb. So there’ll maybe just make it even smaller lol
  24. Avatar
    Nice drop
  25. Avatar
    Shows £167.99 for me. Did the deal die.

    Been waiting for 1TB card for ages. (edited)
  26. Avatar
  27. Avatar
    Woop! Ordered. Apparently arriving 17 Nov - 18 Nov though.
  28. Avatar
    I have one already and it is absolutely perfect for backing up and carrying all my files when on the move.
  29. Avatar
    That's a lot of eggs in one basket
  30. Avatar
    I still have a 16MB Sony memory stick duo in my drawer.
  31. Avatar
    i remember my 512mb i paid 39.99 in 2006
  32. Avatar
    Sweet baby Jesus I remember saying I would one day see such shenanigans, and now that day, is thrust upon me. Over 1000 times more storage than my PC had 25 years ago, much faster, cheaper, and weighs about the same as a peanut relative to a watermelon. Crazy 🐴 🐎 (edited)
  33. Avatar
    Waiting for Black Friday £10 deal.
    Waiting for a run of the pound and the cost of imports to massively increase.
  34. Avatar
    Way to expensive I got the same card last year.. from play.com for a quarter of the price ijs
    You got some card alright. 😄
  35. Avatar
    It’s fine to install a lot of games and roms for a steam deck as I took the plunge on it but for very large games it does take a while to download to it. Suppose if they are large games you plan to have on your device for a while it’s definitely suitable for that.
    Because these A1 cards are really slow for installing compared to A2 cards that can do an install (read and write at once) many times faster. A2 all the way for steam deck.
  36. Avatar
    This or hold on for black Friday :/
  37. Avatar
    My deck came a few days ago this is perfect thanks op heat from me
  38. Avatar
    I think this may be expired as showing as £169.95 for me
    looks like its back - fyi
  39. Avatar
    Same price I paid for my first memory card, except that was 1GB and was the biggest you could get.
    Yikes! Can you remember how long ago out of interest.
  40. Avatar
    This is perfect for modded Nintendo Switch’s.
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