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SanDisk Ultra 512GB microSDXC Memory Card A1 - £34.99 @ Amazon

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About this item
  • Ideal for Android smartphones and tablets, and MIL cameras
  • Up to 1TB to store even more hours of Full HD video
  • Class 10 for Full HD video recording and playback
  • Up to 120MB/s transfer speeds let you move up to 1000 photos in a minute
  • Load apps faster with A1-rated performance
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    Anyone used this in a Steamdeck and what's it like?
    This is exactly what I use in the Steam Deck. When playing on the deck read speeds of A1 cards like this aren't any slower than the recommended A2 speed cards. However write speeds are slower. When playing a game it is very fast, but when installing a game it will be slower. Having played with an A1 card I wouldn't even consider paying extra to buy an A2 card. It is load times I care about, not installation times. (edited)
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    Wow, amazing price! I paid almost £60 quid for my one last year
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    Still in two minds whether to get this. Would this be ok with a GoPro? Have 256GB Xtreme one already. (edited)
    No, you need the Xtreme one because of the endurance for constantly re-writing.
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    I have it. The files get corrupted quite easily and have to recopy them. Anyone having same problems?
    Are you certain that you don't have a fake?.

    Try running H2Testw and see if there are any write errors. (edited)
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    How can you confirm this is a genuine Sandisk 512gb card? Any tools?
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    If I am not wrong this is the very slow write sd, an obsolete 20mb. Does not make sense in 2022 on a card with 512gb storage.
    Yep its a basic card. That's why it's cheap
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    Any reason not to use this for storing music in an Android phone?

    Spped should be fine for playing back, but I'm not going to encounter any issues with Android indexing music on a slow card, or similar?
    It's not a slow card, it just isn't super fast. It would be more than enough for playing back FLAC music or indexing files. (edited)
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    Good spot OP

    Ordered ready for my (hopefully) Q4 Steam Deck
    It's awful for the steam deck. I mean, the games will play fine but it takes an hour to download a 10gb file because the write speed is so slow it cuts off the downloads every 20 seconds
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    Top price shame all top brands flagship phones removed the SD card slot and when down the Apple route
    They knew what they were doing. Has absolutely nothing to do with improving security or the device itself, they just saw that Apple were getting away with it since day one and wanted that extra money by ripping customers off just to get extra storage. It's scummy and it's a shame no laws tried to stop them. It's completely anti-consumer in my eyes. (edited)
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    Good deal. It's a shame fewer and fewer phones have SD card slots. My Galaxy S20+ will be due for an upgrade soon but the newer models don't have a slot 😡
    I'm using mine with a xiaomi phone deal I seen on hduk
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    Seems a good price but I think A2 rating is really the standard these days. The time saved is definitely worth paying a small amount (£10-£15) extra for.
    The SanDisk 512GB Extreme microSDXC card, rated A2 is deffo not £10-15 more, but twice the price at £76 on Amazon.
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    brilliant deal this - just cancelled my 256gb order and got one of these instead for my Switch
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    I am tempting to get this for my steam deck. However, there is another 512GB card from Integral that offers up to 180mb/s read and 150mb/a write speeds for £59.95. Is it worth it to go for the integral especially after reading from some people here that this Sandisk card does 40mb/s write speed?
    Steam Deck offers 100MB/s read and 90MB/s write. Take that into consideration maybe also.
    I've bought one of these cards as I'm not fussed about it taking a bit longer to install. As others have said, day to day usage you probably won't notice the difference.
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    Amazing deal for a genuine 512GB card. Heat added
    You arent guaranteed to get genuine, if its from amazon its the warehouses that are the problem and you have people swapping out the small low value items in the warehouse itself. In the last couple of years about 50% of the drives ive ordered from Amazon have either been substituted fakes or substituted with random crap the same size. I got an actual packet of balloons once instead of a 980pro from a seller I know is a legitimate retail store that I've used for a long time and they were livid with Amazon as apparently they had a lot of stuff stolen from the warehouse.
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    Anyone using this for Retropie on Raspberry 4?
    I did, and I'm currently using it in my RG351MP handheld. For retro gaming it's perfectly fine. The games load quickly but the one main problem is backing up.

    I often pull the SD card to keep a backup of my roms and metadata and it often takes many hours to copy the stuff across, even in a USB3 port with a decent card reader. It's a minor quibble though.
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    I have this in my switch and works great, but don't know about steamdeck
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    Had £7 off but think this item went oos at checkout ?? It's showing an error for me (edited)
    I had the same issue but it appears to still be in stock however just with a longer delivery date
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    I bought one of these for my steam deck and it was agonisingly slow Installing games on it and loading times seemed a bit slower. I ended up paying an extra £15 and got a a2 512gb instead. Night and day difference for only £15. Ended up using the A1 in my switch instead. Good value but bottom of of the line for speeds. A2 is a good compromise without breaking bank
    Pls post a link for the a2.
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    Looks like back to £34.99 with delivery November 3 - 5
    Great deal, still trying top work out what Ill use mine for.
    Got mine yesterday
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    As much as I want this now, I'm gonna hold off until the Samsung Evo Select 512GB goes on sale again
    Better for your peace of mind.
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    Was looking for one for my Switch! A steal for 512GB! Thanks OP
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    why do I feel the need to buy when I havent even opened the last one I purchased 13 July for £32.99Voted HOT!!
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    Paid £49.99 for this on 25th Aug, using it for steamdeck and its fine.

    Going to grab another at this price
    Scrap that i bought 2 more......
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    Fantastic first post @ohp thanks for taking the time to share.
    Thank you
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    Just clicked the deal link and I got "Purchased 2 times" .. hah

    Although my initial comment about this being £60 quid last year was inaccurate - it was £60 quid in June this year !
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    Pretty sure I’ve still got a 32mb one of these some where. How times have changed!
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    Hot !!!
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    Great price!
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    Steaming hot!
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    Perfect for the steam deck. Can hot swap to so buy more than 1.

    Thanks a tonne op
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    Smoking hot. Bought 2
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    Ordered at 11:30 with a Saturday delivery date, just past 3pm got the delivery notification saying should receive on Tuesday
    I bought at same time, Saturday, and changed once to Friday - then back to Saturday where it's stayed
    Arrived today, did a test on it and it's 488gb. Sort of going rate for usb and SD micros. But obviously genuine. (edited)
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    Anyone even got theirs yet?? This experience has been very annoying as they they are messing me about with the shipment dates.
    Got mine yesterday
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    Thanks so much, have run out of storage on my steam deck already. Not willing to pay a latge amount for 1TB
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    Great price, alas, my SanDisk failure rate in the last decade is over 90% (that's about a couple dozen cards used in various devices. Never going SanDisk again.
    You need to stop buying them from eBay
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    Anyone else got a beautifully vague delivery date ranging between tomorrow and fireworks night
    Arriving between the 20th - 29th of September, apparently. Ordered on the 18th.
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    Just got a 256GB, but this is so tempting.
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    What's the write speed.

    I'm guessing slow 10MB/s

    Edit it's between 20 to 40 so not terrible. (edited)
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    Thanks, was planning on buying a 1tb for my steam Deck (when it arrives later this year). But 512gb should be enough for a few months especially at this price!
    you can hotswap