SANDSTROMSBTD3012 iPod & iPhone Speaker Dock - White £24.97 R/C @ Currys

SANDSTROMSBTD3012 iPod & iPhone Speaker Dock - White £24.97 R/C @ Currys

Found 22nd Aug 2013
Reduced from £99 - Good reviews, just ordered mine to collect in store tomorrow but free delivery and reserve and collect also available depending on location
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Thanks for sharing, I've added the price & retailer to your deals title as it helps people to see your deal better
I'm useless - Thanks
Just be aware it's their own brand and doesn't seem to be for iPhone 5
£25 for a pair of Bluetooth speakers, that have had more than reasonable user reviews, c/w remote for pre-lightning gen apple products? Bargain

Apparently (according to one of the reviews) you can use a lightning>30pin adapter. It will only charge, but you can charge and use BT for audio.

Reserved a couple. Thanks OP.
Got a pair and they are awful.
Genuinely? That is disappointing. What about them do you find appalling?
Bought a set, and tried them. As someone whom has literally spent tens of thousands on hifi I feel my opinion is fairly unbiased.
Bottom line? Had I spent £60 I would of been mildly unimpressed. Had I spent £100 (even bearing in mind that these would only ever be for my boy, or a PC or some such) they would of been sent back, no question.
For £25, a bargain, particularly if you use a compatible idevice.

Build quality, not bad at all, in fact I found little to get upset about at all.
Functionality, well first thing to note is that the unit is entirely unusable without the remote (so don't lose it) there is no on/off, volume or pairing controls on the units themselves. Easy to set-up and pair, with the usual limited idevice controls available. There is no facility to connect a sub, but a composite video out is present for routing idevice video to a display.

Sound quality. Hardly the last word in anything. A boxy, warm tone, that is flat and uninteresting to me. Push the volume up with bass heavy material and there is coloration via enclosure resonance. Not overt vibration as such, just a compact enclosure dealing with air compression.
Given (I assume) its intended use, as a background source, and its £25 tag, I feel churlish in being overly critical.

They are not as good as the deal CPC had on a year or two in their clearance, where I bought 2 pairs of their BT speakers for £60. These went louder, have a more open soundstage, had all controls on the rear of the main speaker and included a dedicated sub out (but did not have an idock or remote) and could be driven passively.
But £25 for an active pair of speakers, that have Bluetooth, aux and idock connectivity, a remote and are pleasant to look at? Given their (assumed) secondary role, I doubt you could better them.
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