Sanex Anti perspirants and Roll On half price @ sainsburys

Sanex Anti perspirants and Roll On half price @ sainsburys

Found 1st May 2011Made hot 1st May 2011
Sainsburys currently have all Sanex Anti Perspirants half price..


Sanex Dermo Hypoallergenic Roll-On Deodorant (50ml) - Now 66p

Sanex Dermo Extra Control Dry Control Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (250ml) - Now £1.42


Mm, who are Sanex? Now I see why my Colgate deal was not hot. People stick to brands, I prefer poundland for a good brand but not sure if Sanex is better than supermarket own label (not their cheapest budget value basic economy plain label which will leave you just as stinky as before you washed).

Sure is 89p for 150ml in sainsburys too

Wow thats cheap thanks

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Sure is 89p for 150ml in sainsburys too

My missus threw 2 of those in too - Its only the Sure Women Collection that are 89p though, the normal and men's are still full whack

Sanex is a big brand, and I believe these are the best deodorants available; regularly half price at Sainsburys as they try to build up market share, but their Extra Control is much, much better than Dove et al. Try it, you won't be disappointed!

Brilliant stuff. I bought these a couple of years ago when on offer at Sainsburys and will not buy anything else since. Great for sensitive skin, no sting or stink either.

Sanex roll-ons are the best. Time to stock up again-I always get them on the Sainsbury's half price offer. Thanks for posting.

Thanks, picked up a couple from Coventry store. Im guessing these have no expiry date till they are open and they are 12months on these Sanex ones?
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