Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves - Free on GOG

Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves - Free on GOG

Found 15th Mar
Free full game on GOG.

"Combining action and strategy in a unique
way, Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves transports you into an epic
folktale co-written with best-selling Canadian author Bryan Perro (Amos
Daragon, Wariwulf), in which two feuding brothers will have to put aside
their differences to save their sister, who is pursued by the Devil

This time however, sheer brute strength
won't be enough to save the day as your enemies are way stronger than
you are. Only your wits and the ability to combine ingenious traps to
setup deadly ambushes will give you a chance to see the sun rise again
on your frozen piece of forest...
  • Immerse
    yourself in 19th century Canada where legends meet History in a world
    filled with lore and wonders. Buy historical weapons and items, fight
    mythical beasts and uncover the truth about werewolves…
  • Choose
    one of the two O'Carroll brothers and develop your character using a
    skill system based on role-playing games (RPGs), making your hero as
    unique as he is powerful!
  • All
    the mechanics of the game revolve around the innovative concept of Fear
    Factor, which makes your ability to intimidate your enemy your best
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Heat added, and thanks for posting It's worth pointing out that Sang-Froid has been free since last February and is also available on Steam.
Thanks! A free game... for a year... I must be the only one to have missed it...
brilliant thanks exactly my cup of tea
I got it free on steam last year but have never got the game to work. Only one I have never managed to get to start.
Good game.
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