Sansa Fuze 8GB MP3 Player: £34.97 at Dixons Tax Free

Sansa Fuze 8GB MP3 Player: £34.97 at Dixons Tax Free

Found 23rd Jul 2009
Dixons Tax Free at Newcastle Airport have these excellent MP3 players at £34.97. They are the silver models, all boxed and sealed.
Not sure if other branches will have them, but I reckon there's a fair chance they will - I saw about 6 on display.

Worth a look if you're travelling by air in the near future.

Sorry, posting from work, so can't link a piccy until I get home.

Hope this is of interest and that some of you manage to get one of these. I have owned quite a few MP3 players and the Fuze is my favourite - great sound and impressive file compatibility (including FLAC!). The only downside is that the video playback isn't the best, but that doesn't bother me at all. The best 8GB player at anywhere near the price IMHO.


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Still early. Good price and with many people going on holiday at the moment i'm sure that most people can find someone to get it for them.
Undoubtedly someone will say' Not open to everyone'....blah blah blah however remember posting the DS Lites they had for £20 cheaper than anywhere else and got that response.
Great player and price, and most should somehow be able to get hold of one whiles they last.

not bad
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