SANSA Sansa Fuze Multimedia Player at £39.99 Online

SANSA Sansa Fuze Multimedia Player at £39.99 Online

Found 12th Feb 2011
It might be small, but the black 8GB Sandisk Sansa Fuze Multimedia Player's crammed with cool features. This go-anywhere music device will keep you locked in your musical zone for hours on end, wherever you are!

Whether you're in the gym, at work or travelling, you can listen to your own music play list or your favourite FM radio station! To save searching for your favourite FM stations, why not store them all on the 8GB Sandisk Sansa Fuze Multimedia Player's 40 presets? What's more, using its in-built microphone, you can record your own voice too – it's perfect for meeting reminders and storing memos!

You can download and play files in MP3, WMV, secure WMA and audio files formats and can store up to 2,000 MP3 or WMA tracks! Wave good-bye to constant battery charging because the 8GB Sandisk Sansa Fuze Multimedia Player boasts a 24-hour battery life for endless hours of musical madness!

Bored on a long haul journey? Why not zap on a video? On the Multimedia Player's 1.9-inch colour LCD display, you can watch fine quality TV shows, music videos and full-length movies! Worried the battery will die out midway through your movie? Not a chance, with the 8GB Sandisk Sansa Fuze Multimedia Player's 5-hour video playback batter life!


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Voting cold but no mention of a better price?

I bought a 12gb one of these when they were first released, which was a fair few years ago. That cost me less than £40. Not convinced the RRP is right on the Curry's site.

Great little player. Just bought a 4gb model on ebay for £22 - customer returns/no warranty. Don't think Sansa are making these any more as it has been replaced with the Fuze +.
I prefer these. Not a bad price for the 8Gb model. Brand new and with guarantee. Much better than an ipod! and great for audiobooks as well as music. Good sound. Screen's much too small for movies though.
You can pick up some good deals on ebay, but they don't usually carry the guarantee that this one will. Good spot.
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