SansaClip Plus 8gb MP3 Player £39.99 Delivered @ Amazon
SansaClip Plus 8gb MP3 Player £39.99 Delivered @ Amazon

SansaClip Plus 8gb MP3 Player £39.99 Delivered @ Amazon

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Was £119 aparrently (itchy chin)!
Great player and a good price for the plus version for this fantastic audio player which is expandable.

Supports MP3, WMA, secure WMA, Audible, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, plus audio books and podcasts
Expandable microSDTM and microSDHCTM memory card slot grows with your music library and easily loads slotRadioTM or slotMusicTM cards
Digital FM tuner with 40 presets for listening to sports, your favorite music station or tuning in at the gym
Long-life, rechargeable battery with up to 15 hours of continuous playback
8gb pocket size
Expandable microSD or microSDHC memory card slot
Ready for slotRadio and slotMusic cards
Built-in clip for easy carrying
Digital FM tuner
Built in voice recorder


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Next best price is mymemory for £50

I own the original 8gb clip (non expandable) and love it. But then I dont do video and want a player that is small but powerful!

I would recommend throwing the supplied headphones away though, which is the only negative I can fnd.

This price in Currys, PC World etc

I bought one for this price from currys the other day.
It's much smaller than it looks, smaller than a matchbox.
The sound is great. Transferring data is easy. The radio is good as you can expect from a player with no dedicated aerial
The battery problems you see on forums seem to be a thing of the past, at least mine is fine. Charges by USB and the cable is short, but that doesn't bother me.
You can add a 32gig micro SD card, the site says 16gig but this is because sandisk do not make any 32gig cards, little naughty of them.
All in all an absolute bargain, the only downside I've found to it is that due to it's tiny screen navigation can be a little tricky.

Great device, I love mine.

These are very good wee players.
A point to note is that i couldnt get the Radio to work and was convinced the Unit was faulty till i realised that the top centre button acts as PLAY/PAUSE even for the radio.
Caught me out for an hour or 2 that 1.:oops:

8gb is also at Currys for the same price, which was more convinient for me with collect and reserve meaning I could pick it up in store.

And I don't think this was ever £100+ since it's a £50/60/iPod shuffle rival and it only came out in October/November, however it is an excellent little gadget and the expandable slot is just awesome.

Hot though as most other places do have the 8gb for 49.99.

Seems to be missing the (for me) essential feature of being able to create my own playlists. It does have something call a GoList but only the currently playing song can be added to it and you only get one GoList.

One other point is that with full size headphones the playback levels are very quiet.

It does play music well though.

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One other point is that with full size headphones the playback levels are … One other point is that with full size headphones the playback levels are very quiet.

Buy or build an inline headphone amp?

You can create playlists and add them to the device in addition to the golist, try using the setting options and change the volume to the high setting (normal is by default)


Buy or build an inline headphone amp?

Thanks for trying but I already have a little FiiO E3 headphone amp. The louds get louder but with the quiets it just means the gaps in the track just get shorter.

Guess the easiest/cheapest solution is just to find an app. that will bump up a batch of files by a few db.

Media monkey. It supports volume levelling for tracks and doesn't have to be permanent, supports sansa clip.

Found out how to do the volume on this.

Under Setting (from the main menu) There is a System Settings option and under this is a Volume setting this has two options Normal and High.

If you are playing a track and change this setting from Normal to High nothing happens to the volume however when you go back to the normal playback screen and try to increase the volume you will notice that the volume level is at about 75% instead of maximum which mean that you can now increase it to a more acceptable level.
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