Sansui DB-100 Portable DAB Digital Radio DAB+ World Traveller FM Pocket Recorder £29.99 from eBay/Shop4usb

Sansui DB-100 Portable DAB Digital Radio DAB+ World Traveller FM Pocket Recorder £29.99 from eBay/Shop4usb

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Found 29th Apr 2013
Its not often I post items on this site but I came across this portable DAB and FM radio plus a SD card reader . . having read the specs this must be a great buy just look at the specs . all for £29.99 post free. . .

Sansui DB-100 Radio DAB DAB+ World Traveller FM Portable Pocket Record Play Record Play from SD Card (not included)

The Sansui DB-100 DAB/DAB+ & FM radio combines a highly tactile design with outstanding functionality and flexibility. A built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery (recharged via a USB connection) provides upto 10 hours of continuous play while the magic wheel design allows easy access to a multitude of digital radio stations, while the FM functionality allows for use when away from DAB reception area. Use it anywhere in the world where DAB/DAB+ or FM signals can be received. Plus a unique record feature allows you to record from any received station onto the built in memory (or a microSD card inserted into the slot on the bottom of the unit). Also, it will playback any MP3 files previously recorded onto the microSD.

Rechargeable - no need to ever buy batteries
Built-in Alarm clock. Wake to music or alarm
Record to or playback from MicroSD card
Frequency range: 87.5MHz - 108MHz.
Supports Radio Data System (RDS).
30 User definable station pre-sets
Built in 1500mAh Li-ion polymer battery. More than 10 hours of continuous operation from fully charged (Power saving mode enabled).
Charge time about 6 hours. Maximum charging current: 500mA.
Integral speaker: 2W
3.5-mm stereo earphone jack
Measurements: 72.9mm*125.1mm*23.2mm (H*W*D).
Weight: 162.7g.
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Be interesting to see how this would do as a car DAB solution.

Be interesting to see how this would do as a car DAB solution.

Thats what I thought . . .I have have the Internet version of this radio and its great but the recording part on this appealed to me so don't think I could go wrong at this price as my car has a economy mode which turns the car radio off after a few minutes and wont turn back on till engine starts so as to save car battery so this is ideal for me
Its been a very long time since I heard/saw of Sensui

Heat added for taking me back 30 years
Reliability / signal issues reviewed on amazon.
I also have the Internet Radio version in exactly the same case. Good value and works reliably. It also has a decent internal battery giving 10+ hours of play on Internet radio and longer on FM radio. On that basis I would be tempted by this if I wanted a portable DAB radio.

Reliability / signal issues reviewed on amazon.

I just received my radio with no signal problems I think the problem may be what head phone you use as they act as an airal .
A good test of a product is that should be able to use it without the need to read the instructions having had this radio for 2 days maybe I will try get around to reading them - I think I got a very good radio at a great price
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Interesting....anyone know what capacity memory card this might tolerate? - EDIT there's one of these elsewhere on ebay for around the same price and they quote 16GB. - link

Be nice to find a version that was DAB and Internet and SD Card capable...(don't use FM much any more)

Thanks to OP for the link.
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