Santa toilet seat cover set £4.80 @ The Works

Santa toilet seat cover set £4.80 @ The Works

Found 7th Oct 2016
The must have festive item for all homes this Christmas at a ridiculous price, it's impossible to say no.

** Get this for £4.80 when you use discount code: VBOX20

Make your bathroom look unique this Christmas with this hilarious Santa toilet seat cover set with four pieces including a mat, tank cover, tissue cover and toilet cover.

This great quality set can be added to your toilet very easily, simply slip on the seat cover and tissue holder, then lay down the rug and you're all set.

A great way to make your home and bathroom look festive in preparation for Christmas.

Mat measures: 64cm x 67cm

Tank cover size: 40cm x 20cm

Tissue cover size: 20cm x 15cm

Toilet cover size: 38cm x 24cm
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Wasn't impossible at all
love it!!
Po Po's christmas
good find op, heat added
We can tell the kids that you shot & skinned Santa for a toilet seat cover...
Thanks jinxedbuddy
You can get this for just £4.80. Get an extra 20% Off when you use discount code: VBOX20

I'll add the info to the OP
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quidco is a massive 21% apparent
Mother-in-laws Christmas present sorted.
10 pints = yellow beard.
P&P is an extra £2.99
Hey Santa, hast thou been eating chocolate again or is that skidmarks on you beard?

P&P is an extra £2.99

Ordered 2 (£12)
Code VBOX20 took off 20% = £2.40 (£9.60)
Delivery £2.99 (£12.59)
Quidco has tracked at 21% = £2.02 (£10.57)
So works out at £5.29 each, delivered - not bad!
Gross... this is seriously unhygienic...
Imagine what the rest of the house looks like.
Women will now be able to sit on Santa's face. 
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This will probably satisfy a number of niche fantasies depending on how it's uses. Heat added.
I got this last year but paid nearly three times the price, (I know how sad) but it was worth it just for the novelty value. Heat from me!!
Always knew santa was full of ****,550x550,white.jpg
Father Pissmas

Gross... this is seriously unhygienic...

Only if you put mistletoe above the toilet and give him a kiss.
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