Santander 123 Credit Card £24 annual fee.

Santander 123 Credit Card £24 annual fee.

Found 12th Dec 2014
123 credit card available from Monday 15/12/2014 will now give you:

1% Cashback on Supermarket Shopping
2% Cashback at Department Stores
3% Cashback at Petrol Stations, National Rail and TFL travel (£300 maximum cashback spend)

And also:

23 Months 0% Interest on purchases
23 Months 0% Interest on balance transfers (with No fee)

For a £24 annual fee.

Current promotion means if paying 123 credit card bill from 123 bank account allows a refund of the first years annual fee.

Thought id give you a heads up
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I've made £42.45 in three months with mine. It ain't much but with interest rates as they are, you need to grab every opportunity.
Heat added.
23 Months 0% Interest on balance transfers (with No fee) is worth some heat - even if you do have to pay the £24 a year card fee.
Not much of a deal - this has been around for a while now and is pretty well advertised.

I had it for a year after setting up the current account but it wasn't worth me continuing.
I'm seeing 18 months 0% on purchases and no mention of 0% on balance transfers?
Not a bad card if your a fairly big spender. I mean you should be able to claw back the £24 fairly quickly and go into cashback profit. There is/was a few days ago also cashback if you go through topcashback. Something like £12. If you spend £1000 on fuel in a year that's £30 back plus all the extra from supermarket shopping, department stores and other travel costs.
The OP said this offer starts on 15/12/2014
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