Santander eSaver - 2.75% for 12 months, unlimited withdrawals/deposits + cash card
Santander eSaver - 2.75% for 12 months, unlimited withdrawals/deposits + cash card

Santander eSaver - 2.75% for 12 months, unlimited withdrawals/deposits + cash card

Santander do an eSaver account that is 2.75% for 12 months, with unlimited withdrawals/deposits + a cash card that allows you to draw out £300 daily.

I went into my local branch to discuss the account, and you can choose to receive the interest monthly or annually, and you can even have the interest transferred to a current account that's not with Santander.
I'm a student going to university and I thought why not put a bit of money away - I'm with Natwest at the moment and they have a 1% Savings account...so for me it made sense to take one of these out.
Obviously remember to take your money out at the end of the 12 months, as it does go down to 0.5%
I also had a chat with the advisor about putting my wages in...apparently they do random checks on accounts and if you're getting giro payments or something similar they close the account down. You can however make standing orders to transfer into the eSaver account

Also in terms of paying in physical cash, Satander operate a system where you go to a Santander ATM which dispenses envelopes, you key in your details, put the cash in the envelope and it shows up in the account a few days later

Also, interest is calculated daily and then added to the balance monthly or annually, depending on what you prefer.

but hey, everyone could do with a little extra money.


Halifax ISA Direct @ 2.8% pretty much the same.
3.0% for Reward Customers

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"Variable interest rate (AER) paid annually on 5 April: 2.80%"

apart from that it's pretty much the same as Santander yeah
doesn't say it comes with a cash card though..and if I read it correctly you can only put in £5100 in a tax year

I found the Santander one to be convenient for my needs - there are a few Santander banks dotted around the uni so I went for that

2.8% with the AA, only annual interest option, calculated daily, and internet only with no card, you need a current account elswhere to move money into and out of it.

Yeah I don't need cash card and I'm a Reward Customer so 3% is nice. (i can quickly shift money to the CA if needbe)

Santander and Alliance & Leicester do 3.2% if you have a current account with them mind, alot of these offers seem to favour current customers
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The main drawback with this is that it's with Santander. They don't seem to be any better than Abbey were.

I applied online for this account since my Alliance & Leicester savings account bonus period had expired. I heard nothing for 2 days so rang up to find out what was happening with it. They said they could not track online applications!!! I then rang and opened an account over the phone. The day after I got an email acknowledging my email application. After a week or two I still had no written confirmation of my account number for my phone application. I couldn't see my new account on my A&L website either. I rang and found out they hadn't sent me my signon details. It turns out I can't see the Santander account on my A&L even though they are the same bank. My opening balance was the money out of my A&L savings account. I requested the closing interest went into my new Santander account. When I checked my A&L account I saw the closing balance but it wasn't in my Santander account (I had to ring to find this out as I still had no internet access to it). Eventually after ringing Santander and A&L it transpired that they had sent a cheque out to me for the closing balance thus losing me interest on the money and having the hassle of taking the cheque in town. A month after opening the account I still had no access to my account online so I rang and complained. I had only received one part of the security information. They apologised and said they would send a new set out and this would take 2 weeks!! I am still waiting for internet access to my account which was opened around the middle of August.

Once I get access to it I will be moving it somewhere not remotely associated with Santander. I didn't really have any issues with A&L but on top of the above experience the paperwork from Santander has been general and incorrect (e.g. please send us your opening cheque when I had already opened the account with existing funds) or missing.

watch watchdog tonight...................


Halifax ISA Direct @ 2.8% pretty much the same.3.0% for Reward Customers

How do you figure that out? Halifax sounds like and ISA product and therefore limited to how much you can put in each year and once you withdraw you can't replace it unless you haven't used your yearly limit)

Sorry I assumed this was an ISA

Pretty good deal for a 'instant savings' account not an ISA which it appears to be confused with... hot from me...

I opened an A&L eSaver account recently and for me they have been less than impressive. It took some time to receive the security details to access the account online.Then I used their money transfer facility to transfer more money into the account, the balance showed the money in the account but it hadn't gone out of my current account. After a week I phoned and was told the money was in the account to which I said "well maybe if I keep doing this I could become very rich!" and they said they would look into it. Then because of my useless memory I got locked out of the online account and it took well over a week to get a new password. When I finally did get back in I found the transaction had been cancelled, which is fair enough but it would have been nice to have been told and given an apology. I haven't tried to transfer funds out yet but when I do need to I think I will make sure it I allow plenty of time in case of problems. I don't feel very confident about them.
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